I always try to champion non-mainstream, little heard music to my friends. Most of the time they either agree to give it a listen, with a polite smile and dead eyes which scream “I won’t”, or they just tell me straight out that they haven’t heard of said band BUT have I heard of so and so. To which I get competitive and say no of course.

This is different though. Because this is a band that will not trouble the charts or even be available to download on iTunes. Because they are a covers band. A function band. A weddings band. AND THEY ARE AWESOME!

I went to a wedding the other day and was so blown away by this band that I thought I would give them a mention on my blog. They are called The Lionels (I don’t know why) and they rock. The link to their website is below, and I urge anyone who is looking for an entertaining band with professional musical chops mixed with good humour, to check them out.

According to the spiel on their site, they have played sessions for major recording artists, to TV work and beyond. It certainly shows. They are a tight unit on stage and seem to have great fun doing it. And before you ask, I’m not a friend of the band!

They whipped through a number of well known hits both old and new with style and panache. Kings of Leon, Paul Weller, B52s, Jim Hendrix, The Killers and The Fratellis.

I only wish I had known of them when I got married!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve always loved indie bands as they’re always filled with brilliant ideas and tons of energy. I’m looking forward to hearing what they sound like!

    • Check out some of the albums I’ve been listening to on my September playlist blog Jack. Some great bands. Plus, finally found a great autumn listen. It’s called Diamond Mine by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins


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