Set out into the unknown
True bravery has been shown
Stepping out into the mystery
To uncover the wonders of another lands history
A week to conquer a land
Hills, snow and rain, but no sand
There are no battle cries anymore
But I bet the same passion can be felt by going door to door
A proud nation who won’t be servants to any man
A rebellion like no-one else can
But that’s all in the past now
I want to explain to you my excitement levels but how?
I’m going to a place I’ve never been before
There are six of us together going on the tour
Scotland is our destination
You could say it’s our rehabilitation
Away from all the stress
Probably going to end up soaked and our hair a mess
But we don’t care we are thrilled
As long as the room is warm and the beer is chilled
They say its breath taking a true beauty; let’s see what it’s worth
It’s nearly time to go to Perth
Let’s start the adventure
Steven Fox


You can catch Steven’s blog over at and it’s well worth a view.

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I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.

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