From the inside looking out, I would say that I am consistently average at almost everything I do. I don’t know if it is the way I was born, the way I was brought up or just some mental barrier. I just don’t seem to excel at anything.

Maybe it’s because I measure myself against everyone else. I play football but most of my mates are better than I am. Sometimes I have an okay game, but more often than not I look, well, average. I love music and have instruments, but can’t play them to a very high standard. A couple of my mates are in bands. Again, I’m just average.

At work, in any job I’ve had, I’ve never stood out, never achieved employee of the month heights. Never trailblazed or been headhunted. Every where I look now, people I went to school with are making names for themselves. Some are world famous DJ’s, some have played at a decent standard of football, some are in bands, one is a radio DJ and others are just extremely high up in their company, or run their own company. All it seems, except me. Maybe because I’ve never done anything that has interested me. I like writing, especially screenwriting. I feel confident in doing it. I think it is the one thing that I can say that I excel over my friends. The trouble is, my friends aren’t the people I need to excel over. It’s fellow screenwriters. And suddenly I just feel extremely average again.

I’m desperate to succeed at something I enjoy doing so I don’t have to waste more time doing something that isn’t me. Life is so short, why spend it in a state of day to day stasis.

This blog isn’t supposed to be a woe-is-me, mopey, down at heel kind of blog. This is in fact a call to arms to fellow suffers of the ‘average’ gene. If we all get together, we can become more than the sum of our parts, and maybe rise above averageness into greatness!

So, any ideas for anything (scripts, songs, novels, movies) you have but can’t realise because you are average, bring them to the table. Because all of us must have something we are okay at right? You have great lyrics for a song, but don’t know any chords? Leave a comment and a contact address! Have a great idea for a movie, but suck at writing dialogue? Leave a comment. Writing a novel but can’t come up with an ending? Leave a comment!

Together we will try and accomplish!

About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.

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