SWEDISH PLAYLIST ( and no Abba in sight)!


I was in the pub last week with my friend Dan and his Swedish lady friend Elly. We got on the subject of things from Sweden. Obviously the usual stuff came up; Ikea, Lego, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Abba.

I started to think about how great a lot of Swedish music is, certainly at this moment in time. So, to celebrate I have decided to post my favourite ‘Swedish’ playlist (that doesn’t include Abba or the Rednex).

Incidentally, you can check out Elly’s own wordpress blog at www.lugn.wordpress.com, although you might need Google translate because it’s all in Swedish! She did tell me it’s very good though 😉


Lykke Li – Sadness Is A Blessing: A song which has a touch of the Phil Spector element to it in the drum beat. A song I like to listen to in the dark, maybe if its raining outside.

ImageFirst Aid Kit – Emmylou: I first heard this on a cover CD from a magazine. I played it in my car and barely listened to any other song on the album. It is stunning.

ImageWannadies – You & Me Song: A classic song from my teenage years, I hear it on local radio sometimes, and still think it has a killer chorus.

ImageAce of Base –The Sign: Watching the film Pitch Perfect (which is great by the way) has given this song a new life for me. Now it just makes me smile thinking of The Bellas singing it to middling applause in one of their acapella singing contests.

ImageThe Knife – Heartbeats: Cool electronica, great for headphones and always sounds wintery to me. This is certainly on any playlist I listen to for this time of year.

ImageThe Cardigans – Lovefool: Everyone knows it from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, and yes it is a bit overplayed (certainly here in the UK) but it is still a sing a long.

ImageRoxette – It Must Have Been Love: Come on, it’s a classic! And I needed 15 songs for the playlist!

ImageEagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight: Another track from my teenage years that was all over the radio at the time. Whenever I hear it now it takes me right back to when I was seventeen, in my mates car on the way to college.

ImageAndreas Johnson – Glorious: I’m not sure how well known this track is outside of the UK? It certainly was big for at least a week or two back in my teenage years. Not heard it much since, but I will sing it loud if I do.

ImageJose Gonzalez – Heartbeats: A nice acoustic take on The Knife track mentioned above, and easily the more famous version. I prefer the other version but this has a total different mood to it. Nice to chill out to of a Sunday morning.

ImageThe Tallest Man on Earth – Troubles Will be Gone: Kind of sounds like early Dylan. Another track I first heard on a magazine cover CD and couldn’t stop listening to.

ImagePeter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks: Ok, so it may be totally overplayed and feature on almost every advert for almost everything. But it IS still a great song.

ImageThe Hives – Try It Again: Possibly the most famous modern Swedish band, and this is a great track off their Black & White Album. Complete with cheerleader style chanting this is really catchy.

ImageSoundtrack of Our Lives – 21st Century Rip Off: Noel Gallagher once proclaimed this to be his favourite band, but don’t let that put you off. This song has a cool early-70’s Stones feel to it. I think I saw them support Oasis at FinsburyPark once.

ImageLittle Dragon – Ritual Union: Similar to Heartbeats by The Knife. Another cool electronic number perfect for dark nights.

Bonus track:

ImageEurope – Final Countdown: Guaranteed to be heard at almost every New Years Eve party you will go to up until you die I’m sure.

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  1. Great post, I used to like Ace of Base and the Cardigans when I was younger.

  2. I love Tallest man on earth! And i used to love Wannadies and Andreas Johnson.
    Maybe you will like Tingsek? Hm, what else can i suggest that you might like. Mando Diao? I’m gonna make a swedish play list now!
    And another thing, lego is from Danmark.

    • Damn it I remember you saying Lego was a from Denmark! Poor researching on my part!!!

      I have heard of Mando Diao but not Tingsek so I’ll check them out!

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