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I ask this question because, having a two year old son, I have watched Cars about five thousand times. I know every scene, every word spoken and I have a love/hate relationship with every character from Lightning McQueen to Mater. My son was resolute in his love for Cars, so much so that he refused point blank to watch the sequel. I tried and tried to get him to watch it, and finally he relented. Now he likes Cars 2, which is bad news for me because it is terrible! The grass definitely wasn’t greener.

So what are my favourite films? Historically I have always gone for Goodfellas and The Godfather Part 2, as well as Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, a bit of Indiana Jones and The Lost Boys. They are the films that immediately come to the top of my head. I have seen so many great films over the years, but my limited imagination and memory dictates that I always say these ones.

However, traditionally, people often say “I love that movie, I’ve seen it loads” or “It’s my favourite movie of all time, I have seen it more than any other movie”. If someone were to ask me that question in the same terms then I can only say that the movie I have seen more than any other, is Cars, closely followed by Cars 2 (ouch)! My house is festooned with Cars books, toys, bed covers. Wherever I turn, Mater’s maniacal grin is there, in my face.

But here’s the thing. Despite thinking of myself as a movie buff or film connoisseur, I have to concede that Cars may well go down as being one of my favourite films ever. Why? It’s not a great film. It’s not even Pixar’s best film. It is simply because my son loves it so much. And if he likes movies as much as I do when he grows up, then I will be able to look back on this time and say, thank you Cars for giving me and my son a chance to sit together on the sofa and bond and share a movie moment. Or giving me the chance to put my arm around him and hold his hand and listen to him telling me the characters names over and over again. That is worth more than any Oscar winning Gangster film or light hearted western in my book.

Cars 2, however, is an entirely different story…

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