I have to reblog this so that people can get to know the genius of Harry Nilsson.

information is not knowledge

this incredible album came into my memory today, as a part of an increasing nostalgic feeling driven by the settling in of autumn. i’ve been a fan of Harry Nilsson ever since I stumbled upon him for the first time (maybe while watching The Midnight Cowboy and listening to “Everybody’s Talkin'” for the first time) but i would have never imagined that he’d have done such a magical, heartwarming and timeless album.  Nilsson exercises his voice to sing Randy Newman (a popular american songwriter/composer), who also creates the beautifully crafted lines of piano in this album. While his voice is usually soft and soothing, here it takes other proportions, becoming as sweet and high pitched as the piano lines that accompany him, creating a whole universe of delicious music. According to the liner notes, the arrangements were carefully assembled in the studio, line by line, which would explain the perfection…

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