I recently booked tickets to go and see Gravity in IMAX 3D at my nearest cinema. I booked on line for myself and my wife and once through to the checkout my jaw hit the floor. The tickets were an unbelievable £15. EACH!

Now, of course, I went ahead and got the tickets anyway because the film is supposed to be a visual tour de force best experienced with all the bells and whistles, but seriously, £15 for a ticket? I know nothing is cheap anymore and a normal cinema ticket is half that cost but I still feel a bit ripped off.

I guess it could be part of one big vicious circle. The more people downloading films means less cinema goers which means the cinema’s have to raise their prices. Hollywood, despite their protests doesn’t seem to be hit by piracy too badly though. You can hardly accuse them of slashing their budgets when the likes of World War Z and the Lone Ranger are just a couple of the extremely costly films to be released over the summer. That’s doesn’t include the latest blockbuster super hero movie released at great cost almost once a month.

Living in the UK, I instantly compare any cost of going to an event to football. I remember when I was in my mid-teens it cost me £5 to get a ticket AND return train journey to watch Southampton versus Oldham. Football now costs a good £40 per ticket as the cost of the beautiful game sky rockets. £40 for what is essentially one and half to two hours of entertainment means it is easy to draw parallels with cinema. After all, films are usually around the same duration. For meat pies and a cup of Bovril at a football stadium, see popcorn and a Pepsi at the Multiplex. So, the cinema in relation to football always seemed a fair price at around £7 per ticket. Add in the fact you should be pretty much guaranteed an enjoyable time, rather than having to sit through a potential nil all bore draw at the football.

I think, despite the high cost of my Gravity tickets, going to the Cinema in relation to other pursuits is still fairly good value for money. If you make the most of special offers like 2 for 1 Orange Wednesdays, and forgo the ridiculously over priced food and beverages then paying a few quid to escape into another world for a couple of hours, in the comfort of the cinema rather than the icy cold of the football stadium, is a deal I would happily take.

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I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.

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