This friday shout out is dedicated to one man, Lachlan Payne!

He was kind enough to giveaway his iPhone 4S and relative accompanying feast of camera lenses, tripod and other equipment. Some of this stuff is seriously pricey, and a must have for anyone who has aspirations of making short films or taking nice photos on their phone.

I have been patiently waiting to upgrade my iPhone 4 to a 4S, with it’s superior camera, for some time. I also had a wishlist of equipment to go with it. In fact, it largely consisted of the items that Lachlan was parting with. Finally, to complete the amateur film making jigsaw, I wanted an iPad so that I could edit the footage on. I finally saved some money (with a little help from an overdraft facility too) and got the iPad. Now I just needed the rest…

And then I stumbled upon THIS.


Surely, this was some sort of joke? I literally started my own blog pretty much around the same date that Lachlan posted this. Could it be fate, that I enter the blogosphere and run off with the swag, all in the space of five minutes? I’ve never won much in my lifetime. I won some money at a Charity Ball fairly recently, and was promptly told to give it back to the Mayor (it was his ball) for his chosen charity. In with one hand, out with the other!

So I wasn’t filled with confidence this time around but thought, hey, if I don’t win, then at least I can help out a fellow blogger, maybe get a new follower myself and see what the whole blogging thing is all about.

I kind of forgot all about the giveaway, until yesterday when I was sat at work and happened to check my emails. There was one from Lachlan. He said I had won the whole smorgasbord of delights he had so kindly decided to giveaway (no doubt in a moment of madness). I was, and still am (despite this lengthy thank you) kind of shocked, speechless and stunned.

I promptly emailed Lachlan to say thanks and to ask what happens now. Do I need to some how send him some cash to pay for postage (he lives in Australia, I live in England. To repeat, AUSTRALIA and ENGLAND)! No chance he said, all part of the deal. Now, if that isn’t one hundred percent pure generosity, I don’t know what is.

So, please, please, please, if you don’t already follow Lachlan’s blog (you probably do, seeing as I have 126 followers and he has over 6000) then go over there now and sign up. You can find him at:

So, thank you so much Lachlan, you have really made my day, week, month and year. Now I just need to get creative and dedicate that first short film to you!

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