I attended a fantastic event on Saturday night to celebrate 25 years of the Wildern Opportunity Group. It was set up to offer care and education to pre-school children with special needs. My two young nephews both attended prior to starting school and consequently my brother and sister in law were both heavily involved with the group. They organised the charity ball to help raise support and much needed funds for the group.

It was a special night, full of amazing, dedicated people who clearly love their job and the children they care for. And it was a pleasure to attend. The food was good, the band was great, the photo booth was pretty addictive (see below) and the drink flowed (fairly readily)!

Please, visit the group’s website below and see how amazing they are, and if you would like to donate please do, as they would really appreciate it I’m sure.


Myself (middle) with my pal Dan and his girlfriend (and fellow WordPress blogger) Elly.


L-R my wife, me, my brother in law, a monkey


L-R Dan, Elly, Me

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