Seeing as it is Halloween in a few days, I thought I would use my next two posts to share with you some strange goings on that I have experienced. Tomorrow I will tell you about the time I saw a ghost. Today I will (try) to convey my other tale, although it may prove hard to explain!

So, about ten or so years ago, I was at the wedding of my mates Mum and Stepdad. It was at a small family run restaurant in an area which is off the beaten track, so to speak. When I say ‘off the beaten track’ I mean there are trees round it and it’s not on the main road! The wedding reception had neared it’s conclusion so myself, my brother and two mates decided to walk home. It was late, we had been drinking and were walking down the tree lined ‘country’ road to take us back on to the main road. This is when it gets eerie.

As we walked (staggered?) and talked (tried to) along we all stopped at the same time. Beyond the trees in front of us, separating us from the road we could all clearly see a house on fire. We all stopped and looked at it, just to make sure, before hot footing it up the lane to the road. When we got there we were all amazed to find that there was no house in flames at all. The houses were all perfectly safe and sound. None of us could figure out just what happened. And we still can’t to this day.

You see, whoever I tell that story to always ask if I had taken acid or something. I never have done. And even if I did take acid at my mates Mum’s wedding (strange place to get high?!) surely it would just have been me who saw the house on fire. Hell, even if ALL of us had taken acid, we STILL wouldn’t have all seen the same thing, would we? One of us might have, but the others would have been having their own trips.

So, is this incident some sort of paranormal activity, a trick of the light, or just some sort of dream (if its a dream its a hell of a coincidence that all four of us dreamt of the same thing!)? Can anyone help to explain the house on fire? Has anyone had something similar happen to them?

Tomorrow, I will tell you guys of the day I saw a ghost. It’s just as strange!

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  1. Toppy

    Too much fanta TJ

  2. By stopping to see the burning house you might have been saved from something bad. Something seems to have kept you from proceeding home as planned… 😉


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