I started my blog over a month ago now, which obviously isn’t a very long time at all. And I’ve read all the stuff about giving it at least a year etc. But, the honeymoon period seems to be well and truly over now. My views have tailed off, followers are joining in dribs and drabs and ‘likes’ are about as common as a decent Nicholas Cage movie. I have my ‘hardcore’ followers who usually chip in with a comment on a few posts (you all know who you are, please look out for my Friday Shout Out post) but otherwise I would say my blog is underwhelming really.

So, I need your help to tell me where I’m going wrong. Do I need to change the design? Do I need to change my content? What posts of mine have been your favourites? What doesn’t float your boat?

I post every day, is that too much? I notice a lot of people seem to blog about inane rubbish and have thousands of followers, do I need to follow that path? Is that what the people want nowadays? After all, there are millions of movie blogs out there, and most of them are far superior to mine.

Can any of you success stories let me know how you went about becoming what you are? I always make sure I ‘like’ blog posts and leave comments where necessary. Do I need to do that but on a huge scale?

Am I doing something wrong from a technical point of view (use of tags, time of posts etc)? Or is the blog simply not worth maintaining? I realise that there are always going to be lulls in activity doing something like this, and that it really does take a long time to get a good following, but I’m impatient!!

Advice from you seasoned bloggers would be greatly appreciated.

About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. MRS N, the Author

    Hi Thomas, I have only been blogging since July so here goes my advice to you:

    -Find your target audience (movies and music seems to be yours)
    -Post shorter and maybe some fun quotes, trivia and fun facts.
    -You can post every day (I do).
    -Make it interactive. Ask your audience to participate. Otherwise they will only like or not bother.
    -Think to yourself what would I like to see on a blog about movies and music. What would get me talking. Then do those things. 🙂

    I hope this helps! Take care and good luck! 🙂

    • Thanks for your advice, I will put some of that into practice. Also, thanks for your continued support, it’s much appreciated!

      • MRS N, the Author

        You’re welcome. I pretty much ignore the stats line as it can get a bit obsessive. Just keep writing and be genuine. The thing I find most useful for followers is to keep it short and sweet. Who has time to read a 10 page blog post? Certainly not me! LOL! Keep up the great work and you will find your niche. 🙂

  2. rtimmorris

    I enjoy coming to your blog and your movie reviews are terrific. We have a lot of the same tastes (and some different), but the reviews are all honest and come from an educated mind.
    The best advice is: don’t worry about the traffic you get on here. Just keep writing about what matters to you. Ask yourself: “Why did I start this blog in the first place?” It’s only been a month so you can’t be too far away from what originally inspired you.
    You’ve got over 100 followers, much more than I do, so you’re doing something to get their attention.
    Keep going.

    • Thank you for you kind words sir! I appreciate them. It’s hard to gauge what your writing is like unless people indicate they like or don’t like it. My stats say people like reading posts about writing rather than the movie stuff but that’s not all I want to write about. It’s a tough one but thanks for taking the time to write here man!

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