I really like movie posters. I think they are a work of art in their own right, and deserve to be hung on a wall as much as the next expressionist masterpiece. I think my favourite type of movie poster are the Star Wars type posters where the all the key characters are kind of piled up, with maybe a key encounter or two thrown in for good measure. This kind of thing:

star-wars-movie-poster-1977 empire-strikes-back-poster jedi

Those posters really remind me of my childhood, and you don’t seem to see them made like that anymore. Or maybe they just don’t make films like that anymore. Mostly, all I see now are garish, photo shopped efforts for rom-coms. They could almost be for a magazine advert for toothpaste or something:


Other posters just go for an image that represents the film, or of a particular scene in the film, which just becomes really iconic. Examples would be:

qqopy_jaws_573021 mdhir_et_573021cpjsv_theexorcist_573021

Then, we have posters, that have a retro feel to them, and come from a design perspective. These posters are cool as they really are artwork and can be looked at in such a way because they aren’t adorned by well known faces etc. Posters like these:

qiwfw_westsidestory_573021 ourig_meanstreets_573021

The posters above clearly are impressing graphic designers of today because there is a whole genre of ‘alternative movie posters’  on line. And they are amazing. For example:

il_fullxfull-326290156 Alternative-Movie-Poster-Viktor-Hertz-psycho alternative-movie-posters-dark-knight

You can find links to these posters as that bottom. There are hundreds on line now.

So, what do you think? Do you like the old vintage style posters, or these new breed? Let me know! – Leon – Psycho – The Dark Knight

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I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


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  3. I prefer vintage posters or just something simple. And I need to find couple to my bedroom. Do you remember any great posters from at least semi-good films that are in red-black-white coloured? Some grey is ok too.

  4. I liked the old posters of monster movies, like Them, Creature of the Black Lagoon, and The Thing (the original one).

  5. Godzilla, a really good one and a rare one called the Prisoner.

  6. I like the iconic ones the best. They’re direct and sharp.

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