IMDb – Needs no introducing or explanation to anyone who is remotely interested in movies. The go to place for movie news, trailers and data. Stylish layout on the iPad as well, and most importantly its FREE!


iMovie – Apple’s app is great value at £2.99, allowing you to edit all of your videos simply and effectively, and also produce some cool trailers as well!


Action FX – A cheap affordable app (69p) which lets you add special effects to any video you shoot. The amount of times I have blown things up with rockets and bombs, and am still not bored doing so, means it must be good. Or that I am slightly psychotic?


Final Draft – The daddy of all screenwriting programs is now on iPad. I haven’t actually used it myself, and the £34.99 cost is rather a lot (although the PC program is probably about £200) but that shouldn’t put off any serious writers. This is definitely on my wish list.


8MM – I like this app, for it’s great filters which give your videos a real boost. All the usual suspects are here (noir, 60’s, 70’s, sepia etc) and, if that wasn’t cool enough, the app was even used to shoot part of Searching For Sugarman!


iMotion – A great stop motion animation app which is so much fun to use, and is really simple as well. You will be making your own Wallace and Gromit in no time.


Filmic Pro – A fantastic app that shoots video. Simple as that. Except it has a few more frills to it than the standard iPhone camera, meaning it is a must if you want a more professional look.


Storyboard composer – If you are planning on shooting a movie, you may want this app (pricey at £20.99) to help you visualize your story. Another I haven’t used before, but I want to!


My Movies – An app to help you catalogue your movie and DVD collection. It looks nice, and you can view the info for the film, the covers both back and front and a trailer. The only downside is that if you bought it for iPhone you have to buy it again for iPad.

Free video app

Free Videos – There are plenty of apps that let you download videos from YouTube and other video sites, but I think this is the one that works best, and looks good whilst doing so!

About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. IMDb is a must have on all my devices. 🙂

  2. IMDB is just essential for any movie fan.

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