Garageband – an absolute steal at just £2.99. Great fun and extremely useful, for pro’s and beginners a like. The ability to make music, in your pocket? Why wouldn’t you want that for the price of a pint?


Figure – Created by The Propellerheads and based on their PC program Reason, this is fantastically simple to use and you can come up with some fantastic dance based grooves. And for just 69p, what’s not to like.


Band Of The Day – This is an amazing app for discovering new music. A new band appears on the calender each day, and you can then listen to snippets of their music, read more about them and then buy the music if you so wish. Well worth checking out, and I believe it’s free as well!


Shazam – OK, so everyone knows this and probably has it on their phone already, but it’s an obvious choice and is so useful when you need to know what that song playing over the end credits of your fave TV show is. Again, this is a freebie worth having.


Discovr – This is an app similar to Band of The Day, except you put in the artist you want, and the app will give you artists that are similar that you may enjoy. You can then look at them in more depth, listen to songs etc.


Tune In Radio – A brilliant internet radio app, allowing you to listen to just about any station you want, anywhere in the world. That’s amazing right? This is also a Free app last time I checked.

guitar tab

Guitar Tab – For any guitarists out there who don’t read traditional sheet music and like to follow tab, this is a great app. It collects all the tabs from the website plus has playback features so you can play along to the music, pause it, remove instruments etc.


Remote – A simple app from Apple that lets you control your iTunes library from your iPhone or iPad, meaning it is fantastic for parties.


Quello – I’ve just discovered this. For a small monthly subscription you can basically stream and watch hundreds of music documentaries, live concerts and sessions of countless bands and artists. Well worth a look.


Guitar Suite – Another one for the guitarists out there. This app has a tuner, a chord book and all manner of other handy things to make sure you are at the top of your game.

About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. Very cool, need to download some of these! Thanks for the great recommendations.

  2. Tune In Radio is a great app.
    Currently downloading Band Of The Day.

    • Yeah TuneIn is amazing isn’t it. band of the Day on iPad is a really cool experience. You can find a lot of amazing music you’ve never heard of in there, an the interface is really nice

  3. carabensonphotography

    I love Remote. Mostly because I’m so lazy to reach over to my laptop and change the song!!

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