The irrepressible Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) from Dumb and Dumber! Come on, who doesn’t want that haircut! No, just me?

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  1. V

    G’day mate!

    • Do you think we can start a thread and quote every line from the film?! Haha

      Do you think the new one will be any good?

      • V

        Yes! A thread where we communicate only with Dumb and Dumber quotes!

        I doubt the new one will be anywhere near as hilarious as the original, but I’ll still definitely give it a whirl. You never know!

      • We got no food, we got no jobs, our pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

        I tend to agree, same as Anchorman, just because you struck comedy gold once doesn’t mean you will again!

  2. Am Garry and I the only people who don’t especially like Jim Carrey? He reminds me too much of Jerry Lewis. I didn’t like HIM either.

    • Being a Brit and in my early thirties I can’t claim to know much about Jerry Lewis (he had a show with Dean Martin right?) but I guess I AM the generation who lived through Jim Carrey’s more classic moments. I don’t like all of his movies, but Dumb & Dumber has been a favourite of mine and my friends for, well, 20 years almost (WOW, that long!!)

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