Awards are like buses evidently…and the driver of this particular bus is Karen Oberlaender. If you want to find out more about Karen (and why wouldn’t you) head on over It’s a gateway to further awesomeness at and Talented eh!

She has nominated me TWICE in the last few days for this handsome looking award…

You get one star for each nomination, thus my award now looks more like THIS:

Blog of The Year 2013 Award

In order to accept this award, I also need to nominate some fellow bloggers as well. There are a handful of bloggers who I have made sure I get email notifications when they post. They write stuff I like, and are funny, witty and talented. And if I actually ever met them, I reckon we would be friends. These people are (drum roll please)… is put together by Davide Perretta, a film lover of the Swiss persuasion. His blog has recently had a nice make over as well, and should be checked out. is by, yes, Tara. She is from Australia (land of BBQ’s, heavy drinking and swearing) and she has plenty to say about almost everything, although she refrains from swearing. Can’t say the same about the heavy drinking though. – This is a popular site for us Movie bloggers, because quite simply Dan is the Man. He sure gets through some movie watching, always has a wicked sense of humour about the films he has watched, and always finds time to read and comment on other posts. Stand up guy! Alina has a nice little blog about various things, including some movie review, of which she is very adept at. She is another follower who always takes the time to comment, which means a lot. Cheers Alina. I think Cara and myself started blogging around the same time so I’m always keen to guide people to her site to see her great photography work. Check it out.

I also need to point out the originator of the Blog of the Year award. Alyson Sheldrake is not only a blog award originator, but clearly a talented artist as well. She can be found at this link and it is well worth checking out.

Three cheers for Karen for nominating me, and three cheers for my own nominees!

Here’s to you.

About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. V

    Amazing, congrats!

  2. Thanks for your praise, Thomas. 🙂
    Your blog deserves more nominations!

  3. lovefromtara

    hahaha I’m in hysterics about your description of me/my blog. My liver thanks you for the nomination! 🙂

    • I’m worried about you, do you need help? Should ‘Wine Enthusiast’ read ‘Alcoholic’? haha

      • lovefromtara

        haha no, I only drink once or twice a week, nothing to concern yourself with 🙂

      • “I’ve only got a drinking problem when I haven’t got a drink” I can’t remember who said that quote, but I believe it applies here 😊👍

  4. Congrats on a well deserved award.

  5. Congratulations to you and your nominees 🙂

  6. Thanks man, you’re too kind! Can I nominate you too is that allowed? Are there rules?

  7. Wow thanks!! I’m honored to be included in this roundup – there are some fabulous blogs in that list. Already made a few discoveries. I’m working to put together a permanent Blogroll Tab and I will let you know when that goes live… It always takes me longer to get stuff up than I anticipate. 😀

  8. MRS N, the Author

    Mega Congrats to you! You are very deserving and I always enjoy reading your wonderful blog every day!

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  10. carabensonphotography

    Hey, congrats on your award. Well deserved! And thanks so much for mine! I feel very honoured (:


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