What with all the Christmas movie posts I’ve been doing, I nearly forgot about Friday Shout outs this week! I am going to give a nod to some followers who never fail to give me a thumbs up for my posts, and who have so far narrowly missed out on being nominated for awards. Next time guys!

Mikey at – yet another quality Movie related blog. There really are so many out there! Nice one Mikey. is a well laid out, stylish blog about must see movies. And it’s also a must see blog!

Marilyn at has a great blog about all manner of things. And she is always a pleasure to chat to on the comments! – Mikial is an accomplished writer, and you can find his work at his blog. Good stuff! – finally, another great movie blog. Fun and games to be had here with Mr Rumsey!

and a special shout out to Naty Blooming and Brownpants at This Is My Jam, who have started a music video blog full of irreverent humour to be found at

Have a good weekend guys, don’t forget you can now follow Movies and Music Cafe on Facebook. I’m not sure how, but I guess you will be able to work it out!

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I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.

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