Starring: Bill Nighy, Andrew Lincoln, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightly

Directed by: Richard Curtis

Synopsis: Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various and loosely interrelated tales, all set in a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.

I may lose all credibility here, but I absolutely love Love Actually. I think it is brilliant. It has everything. It is funny and heartbreaking, cheesy and beautiful all at the same time. It will have me cringing at the dialogue one minute and trying to hold back tears the next. And it ALWAYS puts me in a good mood by the end of it. It is full to the brim of great actors, some of the best of British are here, and Billy Bob Thornton randomly.

This film is full on, in your face sentimental. There is no getting away from that. A lot of people will hate it for that and that’s fine. You have to buy into it to enjoy it. But beyond the stupidness of the whole thing (seriously, there are many WTF?! moments) there are some great moments that can instantly bring a tear to my eye or a smile to my face. Anyone who counts this as a favourite will know the what I’m talking about:

  • Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightly, cars, Silent Night
  • Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, a necklace, Joni Mitchell
  • Martin Freeman and Joanna Page, compromising positions
  • The bloke from the BT adverts with Elisha Cuthbert and January Jones
  • Bill Nighy acting like Keith Richards

And many, many more. There are some cringe worthy moments (I’m looking at you Hugh Grant) and some sweet moments (Liam Neeson and his son) and many in between.

Personally, it’s one of my favourites, but I can only recommend it with caution, because I’m guessing a lot of people will hate it!

4.5 clappers

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  1. lovefromtara

    it’s definitely one of my favourite movies, I’m in the mood to watch it now, actually 🙂

  2. To be honest, I don’t get why it is that so many people love and adore this movie to death. However, I will say that its charming and the cast more than makes up for the pit-falls the script bumbles through. Good review Thomas.

    • I agree there are SO many nail bitingly bad bits to this film. So many head scratchingly, double taking, WTF moments to put anyone off. But through all it’s faults it just gets me every time. I must be showing my age!

  3. I love Love Actually! I still haven’t watch it this year, I usually do before Christmas. Well, I still have time to do so! This is the film I’d left to survivors or next generation in case of apocalypse. It’s so unbelievably hopeful.

    • It really is full of hope isn’t it. There are some sad moments too, but most of it is resolved by the end. I could quite possibly sit through it again tonight easily!

  4. Joe

    I love it, too. Got the DVD and watching it has been an annual Christmas ritual, gee, for a decade at this point.

  5. giorge thomas

    I watch this movie at least three times a year. I love it, love it, love it! Does this make me a sappy romantic deep down even though I try so very hard not to be?


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