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This time my nominations for Blog of the Year Award 2013 (my fourth, fifth and sixth stars!!) and The Inventive Blogger award comes courtesy of the main man, Don Charisma. He’s kind of a big deal on wordpress so I’m guessing you all know his site, but if not, please visit at

As per the award, my five reasons I enjoy blogging are:

– The people, obviously. If there were no people, there would be no blogging! I have met some very charming, nice, intelligent people on here.

– The sense of pride in my own blog.

– The sense of achievement when I get nice comments on a particular post

– The feel good factor when I see my numbers and followers increasing, it makes me feel like I’m doing something right!

– Having an excuse to watch loads of movies!

OK, so the year draws to a close, and I will be taking a blog break until the new year. I’ve posted pretty much every day in the three months I’ve been blogging, and have had a great time doing it. I have read some great blogs, conversed with some lovely people and have learned a lot. I would like to thank all of you who have followed, liked, commented or just plain read my blog posts. I hope they have been entertaining and informative in equal measure. My nominees for blog of the year, being my personal favourites are:

Thanks guys, I appreciate your visits, and hope to see you all in the new year.

Have a great Christmas


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I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. V

    Thanks so much Tom! An awesome Christmas present.

  2. Thank you, Thomas! An awesome present, indeed. 🙂

  3. oh my i only just saw this!! a late Christmas present, for sure. (My email delivery settings got changed to “weekly” and I missed several posts eek)

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