It was an up and down year for movies. Many that made my ‘watch list’ at the beginning of the year didn’t quite live up to expectations, but on the other hand, many that I had low hopes for exceeded them (Great Gatsby for example). It was, for me, another year of great Indie movies (Drinking Buddies, Before Midnight, Kings of Summer, The Way Way Back, Prince Avalanche and The Motel Life to name a few) and the odd big budget movie (Gravity and, for some reason The Lone Ranger).

Below is my top ten. This is the list I have personally seen this year, so the likes of Captain Phillips are missing unfortunately! I hope you find something you may like among these anyway:


Before Midnight – 9/10


Gravity – 10/10


Mud – 8.5/10


The Place Beyond The Pines – 7.5/10


World War Z – 8/10


The Great Gatsby – 8/10


Drinking Buddies – 7.5/10


Prisoners – 7.5/10


Kings of Summer – 9/10


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  1. Cool list! I’ve only seen four, but I liked Gravity, The Way Way Back and Drinking Buddies as well. My top 10 isn’t ready yet, because there’s still a lot of 2013 films I want to see, but Before Midnight will be definitely on it. Fantastic film.

  2. Thank you for this list, I don’t go out to see movies, but order them from Netflix, and this will give me new ones to look for.

  3. Kelly Wilson

    I’ve seen three of your ten, Thomas.

    Gravity, Mud & The Place Beyond the Pines.

    I think the three experiences I remember the most were for “To the Wonder”, “Gravity” and “Only God Forgives”. I would give honourable mention to “Mud” (minus its ending) and to “Aint Them Bodies Saints”.

    Anyway, these lists always call to mind just how much I have missed over the course of the year.

    • Hi Kelly, thanks for taking a look! I haven’t seen To The Wonder so I will check that out. I must admit to not liking Only God Forgives unfortunately, despite liking Drive.

      What would be on your list?

      • Kelly Wilson

        “To the Wonder” is a Terry Malick film so, if you like him, it’s more of the same. 🙂

        “Only God Forgives”, I admit, is going to be beyond the tastes of some but I wonder if the experience depends on the lens through which one watches it. If, for example, you see the film as a fight for the soul of Julian – with Julian being caught between a god-type and a satan-type – it might be compelling. Not sure though…

        My top ten? Don’t know …

  4. I didn’t get to the cinema nearly enough in 2013 – must do better this year. It was easier in the days when I lived in London, and I had a plethora of cinemas to choose from. Anyway, I agree that The Way Way Back was well worth watching. The message I took from it was that having a good bunch of workplace buddies makes even the most menial work worth doing.

    • That’s kind of what I took from it as well. I remember those days of being a kid and being in awe of the older crowd when you went on holiday etc. It was a real heart warmer which made made me quite teary by the end!

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