This is a huge topic now, and has been pretty much since the internet sprang up in the mid-nineties. It all started with Napster which was thought up by Justin Timberlake (according to The Social Network anyway)! After that, a slew of like minded sights latched on to this whole ‘free music’ thing. The big corporations didn’t take kindly to it and they were all swiftly shut down.

But, much like the one ring to rule them all, the ‘evil’ didn’t actually get killed off, it just fell into the hands of ‘the little people’ for a while.

Then the likes of The Pirate Bay reared it’s ugly head and the whole world (wide web) is seemingly at war again. Which leads me to ask, as a lot of you are movie and music connoisseurs, how do you choose to watch and listen to your media? Are you a good, morally correct person who buys their CD’s from a shop and heads to the cinema to watch the latest releases? Or maybe you pay a monthly subscription to on-line services like Spotify or Netflix? Or are you one of those who chooses to use ‘illegal’ download sites like The Pirate Bay?

And what are your thoughts on each? I mean, is the cinema THE only place to watch a film properly, or due to money constraints do you feel the need to download films? I’d love to hear your views, using the poll below and the comments box. You don’t actually have to state WHAT you do in the comments, just what your opinions are!

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  1. For us it is either cinema, DVD, or Entertain. Entertain provides us with a hard disk to record a TV programme, additional channels and video load. Some of the movies, are for free, others range between 0.99 and 4.99 € (the HD version is +1€). I can also initiate recording via my smart phone.

    • As much as I love the cinema, it is becoming expensive and there is so many other ways to watch a movie at home now.

      • What about Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? First time, at the cinema is unforgettable. Afterwards we watched these movies several times on DVD. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the cinema experience in these cases.

      • Yeah there are certain films that are made for the cinema for sure!

  2. First, I really don’t enjoy watching movies on my computer. That’s why I have a big TV and a recliner in front of it.

    Yes, we have Netflix and Amazon Prime, though I find we don’t use them all that much, especially since Netflix manages to have very little that interests us.

    The real issue is ownershp of media. I want to own my movies. I want to have them when I want to see them, not be dependent on my ISP to not be having a bad day when I want to see a movie. I never liked renting and I sure don’t like “owner” something I don’t actually have in my possession. Call my retro, though I don’t think I am. More like distrustful.

  3. Good piece and interesting topic! Downloading is actually legal in Switzerland (but sharing the files is not). Needless to say that’s how I see most movies, because I’m still a student. If I had a job I’d totally go more to the cinema and buy more blu-rays & dvds. It’s interesting to note that the people who download more are also those who buy more media (according to statistics)..

  4. I feel bad about downloading movies – I’d much rather own them on DVD. But for some reason I have no such problems with music. Not really sure why.

    • It’s a tough one. The ironic thing is it’s because I love movies that I download them. I can’t afford to go to the cinema to see every film that comes out but I don’t want to miss out!

      • That’s true. I used to keep mostly up to date with the latest releases but I’ve really fallen out of the loop since I (mostly) gave up downloading.

  5. I watch the tv shows I like on netflix, and movies? I see the handful that I really want to see at the theater. Otherwise I usually wait a couple if years for the DVD to come out at a reduced price… Like when I got all 3 LOTR movies for $10 two years ago. Apart from that, I never download anything, but I do check to see if things have been uploaded to YouTube or elsewhere.

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