Starring: Leonardo Di Caprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie, Kyle Chandler, Rob Reiner, Jean Dujardin, Jon Favreau, Jon Bernthal

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Synopsis: Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.

This is not a film for the feint of heart. I’ve already read some where that it holds the record for the most “f words” per minute of any film. It probably also holds the record for the amount of nudity, drug taking (even Trainspotting hasn’t got anything on this!) and all round debauchery as well. After an hour of the three hour run time, I was actually starting to worry that this was going to be a bit of a one note film. I needn’t have worried. This is Scorsese we’re talking about.

If you didn’t know before that Scorsese was the director, you sure did almost as soon as you started watching it. Cool soundtrack, lead character narration, breaking of the fourth wall. This film is basically a yuppie Goodfellas. Admittedly I don’t think it’s as interesting as Goodfellas, largely because ruthless gangsters are for some strange reason more likely to stir empathy in me than rich, spoilt Wall Street brats. This is the kind of film Scorsese does so well though. Three hour epics going from rags to riches to rags and sometimes back to riches are what he does brilliantly.

Leonardo Di Caprio has an absolute ball as the drink and drug fuelled Belfort, and Jonah Hill is impressive as his cohort and yes man. Margot Robbie, last seen in About Time, is showing real promise in her early career, and she holds her own as Belfort’s suffering wife. As you all know by now, I’m a huge McConaughey fan, so I was disappointed he didn’t have a bigger role.

It’s a brave movie to make at this stage of Scorsese’s career. It’s brash, offensive, loud and very controversial. And it was pretty damned good! In fact, it’s probably one that will grow with repeated viewings, much like The Aviator. ¬†One to add to his vast array of classics then.

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  1. Nice review man. This finally hits here this week and I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Thank you for this informative review. You always deliver honest reports.

  3. Good review Thomas. It’s a long flick that never slows-down, so therefore, neither did I. Had a great time with it and definitely consider it one of my favorites of the year, despite it clearly being not for everyone out there in the world.

    • I enjoyed it a lot, without ever thinking it was as good as Goodfellas or Casino if you get what I mean.

      • I totally get what you mean. I also think he sort of gets away with those comparisons because this time, it’s focusing on the world of Wall Street, and much less gangsters. Which ultimately means, new territory to explore, and also, a new muse to work with in the form of Leo.

  4. Great review, sure looks like one crazy movie.

  5. McConaughey did not have a big role, but I must say that he made every second of his cameo worthwhile. Actually, the mentor and blue chipper dinner where Belfort learns how to be a stock broker from him is perhaps one of the most memorable scenes in the entire film.

  6. Oh dear I saw this movie yesterday (finally!) and really didn’t like it. Scathing review coming soon! BUT I completely agree that Jonah Hill was HILARIOUS and I thought McConaughey and Jean Dujardin did excellent jobs as well.

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