Here are some more randomly selected songs from my iPod that I heard on a recent trip to and from work. A pretty good bunch this time, none that I immediately wanted to skip. My favourite? Probably the Drive By-Truckers (more about them in the future). I hope you find something you like…


Gravity’s Gone by Drive-By Truckers from ‘A Blessing and A Curse’


Raja Haje by Budos Band from ‘Budos Band III’


Never Again by Royal Headache from ‘Royal Headache’


Ever Fallen In Love With Someone by The Buzzcocks from ‘Singles Going Steady’

chidish prodigy

He’s Alright by Kurt Vile from ‘Childish Prodigy’

flight of the crow

Golden Thread by Passenger from ‘Flight of the Crow’

blue lines

Blue Lines by Massive Attack from ‘Blue Lines’


(Can’t Seem To) Get A Line On You by Leon Russell from ‘Leon Russell’


Born With Stripes by The Donkeys from ‘Born With Stripes’

on the beach

Walk On by Neil Young from ‘On The Beach’

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I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. ohhhh the Buzzcocks. hahaha. I fondly remember hosting a radio show where we only played songs by “Bands You Can’t Say on Air.” Buzzcocks was definitely one of them!

    • You hosted a radio show?! Multi talented eh!

      • No, I was the worst DJ ever! But really. I was awful. Thank goodness two of my friends also hosted the show with me.

      • Tell me more about it? Was it local radio? What kind of show? Did you get paid? What music did you play?

      • haha wow i’m flattered that you are even curious! It was a student-run radio show at my university. Of course we did not get paid, silly! Nobody gets paid for stuff like that anymore.

        Control of the airwaves was divided into different time slots. I was on the rock show. We played–you guessed it–rock. But only underground hipster rock. I once got in HUGE trouble for playing a Styx song. Eh. But I did learn about bands that, embarrassingly, up to that point I had never heard of (think: The Clash, the Velvet Underground). Like I said, embarrassing to admit that I was a sophomore in college before I knew about arguably the most famous London punk rock band ever.

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