200th POST!

Seeing as this is my 200th post I didn’t want to just make it another review, I wanted to make it more personal. So, below you will find some interesting (or not) facts about me and my likes and dislikes.

I’m 33, but don’t really feel like I am, mentally anyway. Physically I feel older though.

My wife and I are expecting our second child to arrive any time in the next six weeks. We think we will call it Sydney Nicole Ford if it’s a girl, or Charlie or Jackson Thomas Ford if it’s a boy. What do you guys think about those names?

This is a picture of me and my son Lucas Harper Ford.


I have visited these countries over the years, off the top of my head:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Wales
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Cuba
  • Portugal will be added to the list in September

The last thing I bought were these two vinyl’s to go on my living room wall:

hardy jacques

My favourite band is The Beatles and my favourite album of theirs is possibly this:


I like football (soccer) and support Tottenham Hotspur, but my local team is Southampton and I spent a lot of my youth going to watch them play and the genius that is Matthew Le Tissier. Seriously, if you like football check out his youtube highlights, he was insane!

F.A. Carling Premiership Soccer - Wimbledon v Southampton

Matt Le Tissier


Tottenham Hotspur

The first film I saw in the cinema, from memory was possibly Pinocchio, but I also remember going to see ET only for it to be cruelly changed at the last minute and having to watch Care Bears The Movie instead. After that it’s all pretty vague until I went to see Gremlins 2: The New Batch when I was about ten.


The last song I heard and loved was Don’t Save Me by HAIM


My favourite directors, I think, are these guys (Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater):

img-martin-scorsese_14532014334 Paul_Thomas_Anderson_2007_crop Wes Anderson link

The best book I ever read was this:


If I could quote any film from start to finish it would probably be this:


I have owned various musical instruments including guitars, keyboards, drums, harmonica and ukulele and I’ve never gotten good at any of them. My friends however are in bands and you can read their details here:



I have started writing a new screenplay about two alcoholics who accidentally kill a loan shark whilst drunk, and hit the road to avoid the police and the loan sharks boss who wants his money back. They also have to avoid the numerous bars upon their travels. I have written about 13 pages so far and it is called Stone Cold Sober.

My two favourite video games growing up were:


Sensible Soccer


Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

I live in a seaside village on the South Coast of England called Warsash. It looks like this…


My biggest musical heroes are these dudes (Keith Richards, Steve Marriott and John Lennon):

keef S_marriott0 John-Lennon-421

Two of my favourite movies are these bad boys:

butch  dazed

Current female obsession? Francoise Hardy circa 1965.


Current male obsession? Matthew McConaughey for being on the hottest of hot streaks.


I hope you now know me well enough for me to practically be family. I’ll tell you some more in another 100 posts! Cheers.



About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. Interesting post, I enjoy visiting your blog. Congrats on the baby, I wish you the best.

  2. I remember reading The Outsiders in school! Oh my god, I have completely forgotten that book even existed until I read this. May have to try and find a copy 🙂
    Congrats on the baby! Sydney for a girl is a loveeellyyy name so I hope it’s a girl!
    I do however have to judge you a bit on your current male obsession, don’t know what it is but Matthew McConaughey just makes me cringe!
    Congrats on your 200th post, thank you for all the great film reviews and recommendations and I look forward to reading more 🙂 xxx

    • That’s where i read the book too and loved it from then on. Have you seen the film version? Check ok IMDb at the cast, it’s a who’s who of eighties actors.

      My wife hates McConaughey too but I think she’s jealous of my relationship with him! Haha. Why do you dislike him so much?!

      • I have seen the film, they showed it to us in school! But that was a good few years ago so I can’t remember it for the life of me.

        *High 5 to your wife for me* I dunno, he just seems like a creepy, pervy old bloke. I think it’s from his role in Magic Mike that’s made me feel this way about him, the scene where he’s teaching the new kid to dance and he’s prancing around in tiny little hot pants, nooo thanks! Haha.

        But I’m sure you both have a very loving relationship… 😉 xx

      • What! He doesn’t seem old and pervy! Did you see him on Graham Norton the other night? He’s a decent guy, just give him a chance. And etch all his films of the last three or four years!

      • I didn’t see that no, I do love the Graham Norton show though.

        Think I’ll just put Magic Mike to the back of my mind and give him a clean slate haha

      • Magic Mike was decent I thought! I’m not saying every FILM he has been in recently has been great (The Paperboy for example) but all of his own performances have been immense. Check out from The Lincoln Lawyer onwards and also his new TV show with Woody Harrelson called True Detective.

  3. I enjoyed this very much! Congrats on hitting 200 posts and my goodness you’re expecting a baby!! I love the name Sydney Nicole. I’m jealous of all of your travels – in Europe I’ve only been to Germany and Austria. But someday I’ll make it through the whole continent! haha.

    • Yeah, with two children my travelling days will be well and truly over. But I wholeheartedly recommend some of those countries in Europe. Obviously being a Brit it’s a bit easier for me to get there though!

  4. Congratulations to you and your wife for the upcoming event of a child fresh from the angels and for your 200th post on a wonderful blog. I may not always comment, but I thoroughly I enjoy your reviews. Keep them coming!

  5. Excellent post, bro (since we’re practically family now..) Definitely a lot of interesting facts.
    I always enjoy reading personal posts. If you ever come to Switzerland I’ll buy you a beer or two 🙂
    By the way what do you think of Coppola’s adaptation of The Outsiders?

    • Cheers Davide! And I will make it to Switzerland one day if there is a beer riding on it!! I loved the film adaptation of The outsiders. The cast is literally unbelievable, and the way it is shot gives it a real fifties feel to it. Did you like it?

  6. Thanks for the post, it’s really nice to read about people behind all other posts. 🙂 Ang congrats for the baby, all of the names are lovely.

  7. Congrats sir on the milestone & of course the upcoming arrival!
    Several great calls here – I’ve quite enjoyed starting & quickly ending conversations with “Big Gulps eh? Well, see you later!” and interesting choice of Hard Day’s Night as the favourite Beatle record.

    I’m not usually a fan of compound words but I heard someone say “Matthew McConaissance” to describe his hot streak – alright, alright, alright indeed!

    • Thanks Stephen!

      Yeah, the McConaissance just keeps rolling on! That really is an inspired name, just as his previous nickname of Matthew Mahogany was during his rom com days!

      As for Dumb and Dumber – it has to be one of the most quotable movies ever doesn’t it?!

      • Oh it’s right up there – I’m often nervous about sequels but I think the D & D follow-up should be fun, interesting to see what Harry & Lloyd would be up to 20 years later!

  8. Congrats, Tom! Your 200th blog post is a celebration in itself. Very impressive. 🙂
    “I raise my glass to the good things in life…”

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