I saw this on a few other movie blogs that I follow, and thought it would be a good follow up to my recent 200th post, in which I let you in on my likes and dislikes etc. This time it is to enlighten the ‘diners’ at Movies and Music Cafe as to the personal movie tastes of your chef! Obviously a lot of this stuff is kind of taken from the top of my head so to speak, as I have a terrible memory for stuff like this, but nonetheless here goes…

budapest  interstellar

(A)nticipated movie of 2014: Being a huge Wes Anderson fan, I can’t really look past Grand Budapest Hotel. But, being a big Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan fan as well, I’m looking forward to Interstellar too.


(B)ook adaptation I would like to see turned into a movie: I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to reading novels or fiction. Most of the books I read have usually been turned into films already, or are biographies etc. So, I guess I will maybe go for Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy because it is screaming out to be made into a movie. In fact, many have tried and failed I believe.


The eyes…

(C)elebrity I’d most like to meet: Of all time, probably Keith Richards. Let’s face it, the stories would be insane. If it has to be a movie related celebrity, then probably Zooey Deschanel, for reasons I don’t need to go in to. If I’m going to rise above making this about a hot woman, then I would choose Wes Anderson so he could teach me about his film making techniques. But then, Scarlett Johansson springs to mind…:-)


(D)ream director/actor pairing: Well, my favourite director is Wes Anderson, and my favourite actor currently is Matthew McConaughey. So maybe those two? Or what about Martin Scorsese and Bill Murray?


The eyes again…

(E)ssential classic film: I think Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid is awesome. The chemistry between Newman and Redford is brilliant, they look cool, there are so many lines and scenes that are memorable too. It’s a classic. It’s essential.


(F)avourite film franchise: Is The Godfather a ‘franchise’ or just a trilogy? If not, I’ll go Star Wars, the originals, not the new ones as they were awful. If I have to have the new ones as well, I don’t want it and will have Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy instead.


You know the quote.

(G)enre I watch the most: I guess comedy or drama. Traditionally I have always loved gangster films, but there appears to be a lack of decent ones at the moment.


(H)idden Gem: I did a post the other day on Palookaville. That’s a cool little crime caper type film featuring Vincent Gallo, from the mid to late 90’s. Here’s a link:


Yes, that is Nicole Kidman on the right

(I)mportant moment in my film life: Hmm, I suppose, like most people my age, I was exposed to Star Wars early on and absolutely loved it. BMX Bandits, The Goonies, The Monster Squad, The Lost Boys and Indiana Jones were big hits in our house as well.


Rainy day hero

(J)ust right movie for a rainy day: Any movie really I suppose, but some brainless adventure or rom com type film that has a feel good factor. Indiana Jones for adventure maybe. Other wise, maybe something with Paul Rudd in?!


That grin is starting to grate…

(K)iddie movie I still shamelessly enjoy: I am going to have to say Cars because my son loves it so much and I have to endure it several times a week. Secretly though I like it because he loves it so much.


Tokyo and Scarlett Johansson, a winning combo

(L)ocation I’d most like to visit: Probably the Vietnam of Apocalypse Now. Just kidding. Maybe a hotel in Tokyo where I can be lonely and possibly bump into an equally lonely Scarlett Johansson.


That’s a good 12-15 hours right there

(M)arathon I first attended: I never have attended a movie marathon I’m afraid. I have a child! I have done trilogies at home though, such as all three Lord of The Rings extended editions.


(N)etflix Movie I actually watched: I don’t have Netflix, and don’t plan on it. All I hear is that their selection of movies is terrible.

turtles  250209044321_michael-jackson-moonwalker_835377

(O)ne movie I saw in theatres more than 5 times: None. I did see a few films twice though. Moonwalker, Jurassic Park, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more recently The Dark Knight.


(P)referred place to watch a new movie: Ideally the cinema, depending on what kind of film it is. Big blockbusting movies in the cinema for sure.


(Q)uote that inspires me: “Death By Stereo!” – Corey Haim in The Lost Boys (1987). One of my all time favourite films.


Was this necessary?

(R)emakes (friend or foe): Foe. Pretty much always foe. In fact, I can’t think of a friend right now.


(S)nack I enjoy most: I would never buy a snack when going to the cinema, but I am partial to salted popcorn.


That’s Keyser Soze right there. Or is it?

(T)wist that boggled my mind: I know it’s obvious, and seems quaint now, but The Usual Suspects did blow my mind back in the day. I didn’t see it coming at all. That sneaky Keyser Soze. In fact, it’s the first ‘twist’ I can remember seeing in a film I think.


Give him grey hair and it’s Paul Newman

(U)napolagetic fan person for: Matthew McConaughey obviously. I don’t care that you all think he is Matthew Mahogany. I even like the rom coms. There, I said it.


Robert De Niro – 1981 Best Actor

(V)ery excited for award season? Absolutely. I don’t have satelitte so I won’t get to see any of it, but I love it anyway.



(W)ish I never watched: The Hangover 3 was the worst film I have seen in a long time. Going back further though, I wish I hadn’t watched stuff like Nightmare on Elm Street when I was way too young, as it put me off horror films for life. Remember parents, age certifications are there for a reason!!!



(X)XX movie I watched at a young age: See above. Nigthtmare on Elm Street round a friends house. I was certainly no more than ten years old and it scarred me for life.


(Y)our latest movie related obsession: This blog! And writing my own screenplays. Although I’m too lazy for that to be a true obsession.


Nap time

(Z)ZZ-catchers: I remember when I was a kid, my mum and dad hired ‘The Mosquito Coast’ with Harrison Ford, River Phoenix and bizarrely, Helen Mirren. Strange cast eh. It might be a good film, I don’t know, but when I was ten it was the most boring movie ever.

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  1. All great choices. I do love me some Matthew (we’re on first name terms in my head) too.

  2. Nice nice nice! Great answers and you managed to keep it short (something I should learn).
    My favorite answer is the letter C 🙂 and L of course, because that’s my pick as well.

  3. I keep nodding in agreement 90% of the time. I think the best coupling is Newman and Redford, not only in the Butch Cassidy one but “The Sting” as well. Everyone has a “take”on Netflix. I have found it great in seeing classics and foreign films and documentaries. I have to wait for the newer films, but get them, too, in a month or to after release. You did a wonderful job of alphabetizing!Thank you.

  4. 90% of the movies on Netflix are pretty bad. You’re not missing out on much! HBO Go, though… now that is a gem. Thanks for mentioning Interstellar! McConaughey and Nolan, that’s sure to be a great movie!

  5. giorge thomas

    BMX bandits! How was that hair!

    I loved Cars, too… the first six times I watched it. Every time I look after my nephew he says, ‘watch cars movie?’ And you would think you could just plop him down in front of the TV. Unfortunately, he gets scared in certain parts of the film, so I have to sit with him on his little couch (the first difficulty) hold his hand (the easy part) and watch it with him (becoming more of a problem.)

    I am so looking forward to awards season, too. I’ve already got my kicks from the Golden Globes and the Sag Awards. Bring on the Oscars!

    • My son is scared of some bits of Cars as well. Let me guess, the bit in the field at night with the combine harvester?! Although I find it boring now having seen it a million times, I realise how good I had it since he has moved on to Cars 2, which is absolutely terrible!

      • giorge thomas

        That’s the exact bit! My nephew always says, ‘Didge, (he calls me Didge because Giorgina is apparently too hard for a child) come here!’ It is very quite, I must admit.

  6. Matthew McConaughey is my current favorite actor. Stop stealing! Oh, and watch True Detective if you haven’t been. His acting in it has been top notch!

    • I am watching man, yeah it’s a great show. And man, I bagged McConaughey years ago so back off! Haha

      • Okay, that is fair! And I’m not into his romantic comedies! I jumped on the bandwagon after seeing Mud, and then made an effort to watch all his movies. All I still need to see is Paperboy and Lincoln Lawyer out of his 2009 and up films.

      • The Lincoln Lawyer was the start of his McConaissance so that is decent. The Paperboy is a fairly odd, messy film but McConaughey is good in it.

        And lay off the rom-coms man, they are a real guilty pleasure!

      • Fair enough, but the only one I recall is Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. And my reaction to it might ruin your guilty pleasure, so I will keep it to myself. Oh, and was not impressed with Fool’s Gold. But I do not remember it being a rom-com…

      • Man, I LIKED both those movies! Fools Gold was a sort of extremely poor mans Indiana Jones type movie. To be honest, I KNOW they are all bad movies, but I think McConaughey just has that laid back charm to him that makes me like them.

      • Unconditional love! Have to ask one question though. Have you watched Surfer, Dude? It has a 0% percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and I was actually thinking of watching it. Think it was one of his 2008 films…

      • I know OF it but have never seen it. To be honest, the fact it has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes just makes me want to see it all the more!

  7. What about your guilty pleasure movie, mine is G.I. Joe and DareDevil, as for plot twist that blew my mind The usual Suspects and Primal Fear

  8. Eeeeek those gremlins in cinema are so adorable!!!!

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