I have highlighted in previous posts how much I can’t stand horror movies. Not because they are crap or anything. In fact, they have produced countless classics over the decades. Some of the best films of all time no less. No, the reason I can’t stand horror films is because, basically, I am a complete pussy. I can stand gore and violence and ‘moderate terror’ but I hate, hate, HATE that uneasy feeling you get when you know something is about to make you jump. And then I hate the bit where you actually DO jump out of your skin. Therefore, I avoid horror films at all cost.

But, and this is a ‘but’ that I shall probably come to regret, I have decided that, for one night only, I will attempt to sit through a horror movie of my readers choice. All you have to do is leave your recommendation in the comments section and if there is a film that has more suggestions than any other, I will watch it. In the event of a tie I will choose the least scary sounding one! You can recommend what you want, but obviously nothing too obscure so that I can’t get hold of a copy. Also, please bare in mind my wife is about 8 months pregnant, so you could actually bring on the birth of my child (the baby will be named after you if this happens).

So, I look forward (not at all) to your suggestions…



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  1. Definitely don’t watch Rosemary’s Baby haha!
    How about Sinister or Insidious? Or The Conjuring? All good modern horrors 🙂

  2. theipc

    If you want something mainstream and modern – you should totally watch The Conjuring – it’s one of the best ones out right now. If you want something a little more gory sprinkled with funny – try You’re Next. If you want something that’s gonna rock your balls off but not scare you shitless – do Big Bad Wolves.

  3. For modern horror, The Conjuring is the way to go. For classic, maybe The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  4. Sinister or The Conjuring

  5. For some foreign nightmares try Auditions

  6. Love this! First film that came to mind was Rosemary’s Baby haha! It’s actually a great film, but I’ll go ahead and recommend The Shining which is another great classic.

  7. If you’re going for classic, I’d say Psycho or The Exorcist. As for modern, I’d say The Sixth Sense, 28 Days Later, or The Ring. They’re all scary, but not really jump scary. There are also a bajillion brilliant foreign horrors…but I won’t overwhelm you. 😉 This is a fun idea!

    • Do you know what, I’ve seen The Ring and 28 Days Later. Would I be scared watching the Exorcist or Psycho, or do they look dated now?

      • Personally, I think The Exorcist and Psycho are more disturbing than truly scary. Psycho is probably the tamer of the two. Both are masterpieces, so you can’t go wrong. 🙂

      • I think I dislike disturbing just as much as scary to be honest. The Shining was like that.

      • The Exorcist is more disturbing than Psycho for sure. So…Psycho? Haha.

  8. In no particular order: Halloween (the original), An American Werewolf in London, Shakma.

  9. The first and last time a horror movie actually scared me was the one that made fall in love with the genre. The original Halloween. Not the remake! Ever since that faithful day when I watched my first horror movie at age 5, I been in love with the genre. I ended up sleeping with my dad that night, and peed the bed, poor guy!

    Surprisingly, I have not been scared of a film since, but at that age, I thought the killer was real and could be on the way to my house. Julia’s Eye or Conjuring would be decent options.

    • Would Halloween still be scary now, or would it seem dated do you think?

      • Have not watched it in years, but I can guarantee that it will still be worth viewing. And scary depending on what will terrify you. If you believe in ghosts, go with a ghost movie. If you fear serial killers, this will do the job.

  10. This is difficult: what could you more or less like, Tom…
    Some suggestions: The Shining, The Conjuring, The Orphanage, Shaun of the Dead, Dark Water, Severance, Cockney’s vs. Zombies, Julia’s Eyes.
    Big Bad Wolves is rather a revenge thriller. (you might remember my blog post ‘A movie and a song’)

    • I’ll check out your post about Big bad Wolves Karen as I’ve heard good things about it and might watch it soon. Did you like it, and is it scary?!

      • Scary – depends. Girls vanish, are killed. A father wants his revenge and tortures the suspected abductor/killer.
        I liked the movie. I don’t like torture, yet it was a fitting part of the plot.

      • I’ve got my hands on a copy so will definitely watch it and review it sooner than later.

      • This is great, Tom. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on this movie!

  11. giorge thomas

    Like you, I am not a fan of the horror film. I spend enough of my day jumping out of my skin, I don’t need to sit down and do that while watching a film.

    I guess the main reason I watch films for is to be inspired. To gain inspiration from the characters, the setting, the script. I don’t feel I could get that from horror films.

    • Yeah, same Giorge. And also I am a total pussy when it comes to stuff like that. Incidentally, what is the scariest film you’ve seen?

      • giorge thomas

        Do you remember that film Britney Spears did? Don’t ask me why I watched it, but I found it so scary that such a film could be made, that such a screenplay would be greenlit.

        But seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen many horror movies. There was one though, I think it was called Orphan or the orphan or something and the kid turned out to be an adult – that was pretty scary.

      • WTF?! Turned out to be an adult? This sounds scary already.

        As for the Britney thing, I remember that film, but luckily never saw it. I can only imagine the horrors it contained though. In fact, after watching that you should be able to watch anything the horror genre can throw at you!

      • giorge thomas

        It was a freebie pass that my sister and I went to see. There’s supposed to be this tragic moment at the end of the film (sorry for spoiling it, folks) when a pregnant chick falls down the stairs. My sister started cracking up laughing, which had me going as it was so pathetic and soon the whole cinema was pissing themselves. It was great.

      • That’s so wrong Giorge! Tell me more about this orphan/adult thing?!

      • giorge thomas

        Do you mind if there are spoilers on here or should I email you?

      • I don’t care at all, I have no plans on watching it haha!

      • giorge thomas

        Oh, and Clovercrest. Is that horror?

      • I’m not sure what that is?

      • giorge thomas

        Probably because it’s called cloverfield lol. Clovercrest is a suburb in Adelaide… (Although, that’s a pretty damn scary place but you didn’t hear that from me. Don’t want to bag it in case I one day find myself suck there and have the locals beat me up)

      • Hahahaha, I thought you might have meant Cloverfield! I have seen that actually, but wasn’t won over by it particularly.

        As for Clovercrest, I’ll take your word for that, and hope for your sake you don’t get stuck there!

  12. The Shining: My all-time favorite.

    But I see you’ve already watched that. Sounds like I ought to go see The Conjuring. I’m a fan of legitimately scary movies.

    Hmm… The Birds is also a favorite. And Let the Right One In (the original Swedish version) is also quite good.

  13. Matthew Ryan

    I am a little late to the party, and it looks like you already chose The Conjuring. A great choice, if you go with that one!

    The Shining, though, is amazing.

    • Thanks for the comment Matthew. I did actually see the Shining a good few years ago. Another reason why I’m too scared to watch horror movies!!

  14. I haven’t seen The Conjuring myself but I do wanna see it! To me Psycho still works, especially the chilling atmosphere at the beginning and The Ring left me scarred. I had nightmares for two weeks. And I’m usually ok with watching horror films. England is not very good place to watch horror. It maximises the effect.

    • Are you saying England is horrifying?! Haha.

      The Ring was indeed terrifying and disturbing and I hates every second of it!!

      • Nooooo! I love the country but I remember when living in there my car sometimes stopped in the middle of nowhere; no street lights and this chilling mist springing out of corn fields (or whatever wheat they were)… Not that nice. And very suitable for horror films. My au pair family lived in this old, cold three storey house that made weird noises and let the wind straight through. Scary. Oh, and they had cats. Sneeky little bastards.

  15. I would say The Descent, The Innocents and The Wicker Man are all good horror movies you should see.

    • My brother made me watch The Descent. That was a scary one, although more so when you didn’t see the monsters. Weirdly my twin brother loves horror movies yet I can’t stand to watch them!

      • I agree not seeing the source of terror is always more creepy, The Innocents is a great example of psychological terror.

      • OK man, if I get past The conjuring I’ll see what state I’m in and may check it out. Who knows, I might become a horror aficionado!

  16. Haha, oh man I’m so with you on this! I really want to like horror films but I just don’t really like being scared! I think my imagination is worse than what actually happens though.

    Part of me wants to scare the pants off you, but I also sympathise with you! The Exorcist is a classic, as is The Shining. You could also try some J-horror and go for Ju-on or Ringu, which are pretty scary.

    • Man, I HATE scary films. I can do gore, but not jumps and scares!

      I’ve actually seen the films you mention, which have all contributed to why I hate horror! The most suggested was The Conjuring so it looks like I have to watch that. The trouble is, I saw the trailer yesterday and I am s***ing myself!

  17. Ha me too! Great minds think alike, horror movies are so frightening, I practically jump at my own shadow. Excellent post!

    • My wife is over 8 months pregnant and when i suggested we watch The Conjuring she said no, very bluntly! I don’t think she wants the birth to brought on through fright!

  18. The Exorcist is pretty damn scary

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