Track List (Key track in bold)

1. Cheap Beer
2. Stoked and Broke
3. White on White
4. No Waves
5. Whore
6. Max Can’t Surf
7. Black Out Stout
8. Wake Bake Skate
9. Gimme Something
10. 5 to 9
11. LDA
12. Paycheck
13. Wait For The Man
14. Cocaine

FIDLAR are named after a popular phrase heard in California skate parks “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk”, and this phrase perfectly sums up the carefree nature of their debut album. It is a punky, surfy, garage rock record full of songs about drinking, shagging and drugging, and it is great fun!

The album bursts out of the speakers straight away with the song ‘Cheap Beer’, and continues along that theme with the likes of ‘White on White’ and ‘Cocaine’. These guys are bad, and they don’t mind letting you know it. The songs are al fairly short, never outstay their welcome and mainly melodic gems underneath all the fuzz and scuzz.

FIDLAR are kind of a cross between The Ramones and, more recently, Wavves, due to the fact that they sing about the simple pleasures of life, to a soundtrack of garage/surf rock. You may also find a Misfits influence in there as well. I would actually say they are far better than Wavves though.

I would recommend FIDLAR to anyone who wants a bit of a party album with a difference. It’s not an album that will be winning any songwriting awards any time soon, but it’s a fun listen because of it.

3.5 guitars

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  1. garage rock! always fun to listen to. love the guitars!

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