Track Listing (key track in bold)

1. Perfect World
2. After The Disco
3. Holding On For Life
4. Leave It Alone
5. The Changing Lights
6. Control
7. Lazy Wonderland
8. Medicine
9. No Matter What You’re Told
10. The Angel and the Fool
11. The Remains of Rock & Roll

For those of you who don’t know, Broken Bells are the side project of James Mercer (front man of The Shins) and Dangermouse (producer behind Gnarls Barkley). And for those of you who don’t know The Shins, shame on you. Where that band are indie pop darlings, this band are more electronic because of the input of Dangermouse.

For anyone who knows The Shins will tell you, James Mercer knows how to pen an exquisite, melodic, poppy gem, and Broken Bells are no different in that regard. Some of these songs are fantastic, the first four alone could easily have come from any of The Shins albums, particularly the single Holding on For Life and Leave It Alone.

Some found the first Broken Bells album underwhelming, but I don’t think the same accusation can be thrown at After The Disco, which easily rivals The Shins last album, Port of Morrow. No matter what James Mercer decides to do in the future regarding both bands, it’s always good to hear his songs drifting out of your speakers. I’d say that it’s a good stop gap until the new Shins album (if there is to be one) but that would be doing this a disservice.

4 guitars

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  1. I’ll totally check this out just based on that awesome album cover and your review of course 🙂

  2. Tom

    Nice man. I love The Shins. . .LOVE them. I so often overlook Broken Bells, but I’ll have to change that. I really think the only thing I’ve listened to with any degree of frequency is ‘The Mall and Misery,’ which is a pretty great tune. Thanks for the reminder!

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