So, not being from the United States, I had to wait until the morning to find out the results of the Oscars. There were some fantastic nominees this year, and some really worthy winners, most of all the legend that is Matthew McConaughey. I’ve been a champion of his ever since the rom-com days, so the word ‘McConaissance’ is a little too late for me. But, yeah, his recent run of hits alongside his amazing turn in the TV show True Detective mean he is on a different level at the moment. Good on ya Matt!

Here are my musings on the winners and losers in the Oscars 2014.

12 years

Best Picture

Winner: 12 Years A Slave

It’s hard to look past Steve McQueen’s tour de force really. I know, technologically speaking, Gravity was top draw and could easily have nabbed it for that alone, the best picture should go to the best story with the best actors, and for shear emotional heft, 12 Years… wins hands down. Dallas Buyers Club and Gravity will have pushed it close I’m sure, and it was nice to see smaller films such as Philomena, Her and Nebraska in there too.

Losers: The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle

The Wolf of Wall Street was always going to be too controversial and divisive to win the big prize, and whilst it was good to see it nominated, it wasn’t a big surprise it didn’t win. American Hustle is another picture that had big aspirations during awards season, after numerous nominations at the Golden Globes. Again, it was in a strong category, but I actually think it was pretty over rated anyway.

Best Actor

Winner: Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club

In a category with such performances as Chiwetel Ejiofor and Leonardo Di Caprio, McConaughey seemed to suddenly come from no where about a couple of months back to start picking up some real momentum and finally scoop the prize. It is easy to see why when you watch Dallas Buyers Club, and McConaughey’s career best performance, and physical transformation to boot.

Losers: Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years A Slave and Leonardo Di Caprio for Wolf of Wall Street

Ejiofor will be disappointed to be snubbed, especially after his BAFTA and the fact the film he starred in won Best Picture, but the big loser AGAIN is Di Caprio. Yet to win the Oscar, he is rapidly becoming the new Martin Scorsese ironically! Next time Leo. the guy is so good that it’s only a matter of time.


Best Actress

Winner: Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine

There was an air of formality about this one from the moment Blue Jasmine opened. Blanchett was superb as the frazzled Jasmine in Woody Allen’s dramedy. There was some worthy competition in this category, but Blanchett stole the show to highlight just how good she is. A class act.

Losers: Sandra Bullock for Gravity

Sandra Bullock will no doubt be disappointed to lose out, after the hoo-ha surrounding Gravity upon it’s release had died down by the time the Oscars came around. The fact that she carried the movie almost single handedly was impressive, but the weighty subject matter dealt with by Blanchett probably just shaded the space adventure endured by Bullock.

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club

I’m not convinced Leto should have won the best supporting actor award. Not to say his performance wasn’t good in Dallas Buyers Club, but I feel there were stronger performances in his category. Not least…

Loser: Michael Fassbender for 12 Years A Slave

Michael Fassbender, I thought, was superb in 12 Years. As good as he has been in any previous films, and that is saying something. He was head and shoulders above the likes of Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper in the same category. In my mind he was also superior to Jared Leto and should have won the award. Barkhad Abdi also had a legitimate reason to expect to win.

Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Lupita Nyong’o for 12 Years A Slave

I was pleased to hear that Nyong’o had won the award she thoroughly deserved, especially after she lost the Globe and BAFTA to Jennifer Lawrence. Not that there was anything wrong with Lawrence’s performance, which was the highlight of American Hustle for me. But Nyong’o was heartbreakingly brilliant in her role and deserves this award.

Losers: Jennifer Lawrence for American Hustle and Julia Roberts for August: Osage County

Jennifer Lawrence, as mentioned above, can feel hard done by purely because she won the Golden Globe and BAFTA, so would have thought she was a shoe in for the Oscar as well. Julia Roberts was also superb in August: Osage County, better than she has been in years, but neither can be too annoyed they didn’t scoop the prize.

Best Director

Winner: Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity

This, like the best picture, could have gone either way to 12 Years A Slave or Gravity. It fell the side of Gravity. I think largely because of the technical aspects that Cuaron implemented/overcame.

Loser: Steve McQueen for 12 Years A Slave

McQueen, I’m sure, will be more than happy with the Best Picture Oscar, but he could quite easily have scooped this as well. The other losers (Scorsese, Payne, Russell) can’t have to many complaints with not winning.

Best Original Screenplay

Winner: Spike Jonze for Her

No complaints with this what so ever. Jonze once again came up with a unique concept that was engaging and entertaining, as well as heartbreaking all at the same time. I great achievement.

Loser: Woody Allen for Blue Jasmine

Not that Woody Allen really cares I doubt, but this was one of his best films of recent years (along with Midnight In Paris) so he would have thought he might have been in with a shout perhaps.


Best Animation – Frozen (no surprises there)

Best Documentary – 20 Feet From Stardom (easy option for the academy, who should have gone for The Act of Killing instead)

Best Foreign Film – The Great Beauty (I’ve heard good things about this but not seen it. I have seen The Hunt though, and find it hard to believe it got passed over for an Oscar!)

Best Cinemaography, Editing, Visual Effects and Sound – Gravity (again, no surprises there)



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  1. I knew you’d be happy about McConaughey winning.

  2. I agree with all of your comments! Did you notice Blanchett didn’t even mention Woody Allen in her acceptance speech? Smart woman…distancing herself from controversy as much as possible. I was really pleased with Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting, Best Screenplay, and Best Picture. Not sure Gravity should have scooped up so many, but then I still haven’t seen it so maybe it really is that impressive!

    • Gravity was always going to win the effects awards to be honest. Most of the awards were fairly predictable though, I’m just pleased Matthew McConaughey won!!

  3. Congrats for McConaughey! 😀

    Check the speeches of Leto’s and Nyong’o’s from my last post, you don’t doubt Leto’s winning anymore, he was superb. And I also think he was sooooo good in Dallas Buyers Club. Absolutely loved him!

  4. I’m happy The Great Beauty won, as much as I love The Hunt. I would have been happy either way. I thought it was weird that all the foreign film directors were seated next to each other.. I wanted Sally Hawkins to win supporting, but after Lupita Nyong’o’s nice speech I was like yea she’s seems like a nice person. You know who doesn’t seem very likable? Jared Leto, it seems that I dislike him a little bit more every day, I’m with you on Fassbender, I was hoping he’d win. Oh well.. I was happy Spike Jonze won. That was my favorite moment! Best docu was BS as far as I’m concerned, but that’s the Harvey Weinstein machine for you.. You win some you lose some, at least this year the show wasn’t boring.

    • Jared Leto! I agree. Everyone seems to love him but to me he is just that guy in that naff American band. He was good in Requiem For A Dream back in the day, but I don’t get why everyone seems to love him.

      • Yeah I agree about ‘Requiem’ that’s a great movie, but other than that.. 🙂 He just seems very arrogant and prima donna, but hey maybe he’s a totally nice guy in real life you never know..

      • I literally just read that backstage he passed his oscar round to all the journalists to hold, so maybe he’s a decent guy after all! I take it back! His band still suck though haha

  5. No massive surprises to be honest, I think we could all see where most of the awards were going. I think most were deserving winners though to be honest.

  6. Awesome to read some Matthew love, there are so many people whining about DiCaprio today, Matthew was amazing in DBC and he is killing it on True Detective. And his speech was epic.

    • I’ve not seen any of the speeches or anything, but I heard he was good. I’m really happy for him, as I’ve been a fan even before his come back. In fact, I’m quite partial to some of those naff rom coms really!

  7. Nice call on Midnight in Paris – underrated film!

  8. Im really happy McConaughey won. He takes his acting seriously and is turning in consistently amazing performances.

  9. Neat way of writing it dude 🙂

  10. giorge thomas

    How was Steve McQueen’s obvious snub for the 12 Slaves screenwriter? Immense! Everyone we thought was going to win, won, I think. Though I am upset Pharrell didn’t win for best song. And happy U2 didn’t win for their song.

    I love, love, love the Oscars. It’s my favourite night of the year in terms of television viewing. And I thought Ellen did a pretty good job, despite what people are saying. If you’re too controversial, you get slammed. If you’re not controversial enough, you also get slammed.

    • Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the awards because a) I don’t have Sky and b) it’s on at stupid o’clock here. I’ve seen it in the past though and it is indeed great viewing.

      I HATE U2! I didn’t know they were nominated and have never heard the song in question yet I’m still pleased they didn’t win!

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  12. Interesting debate you’ve got going here. So you feel Michael Fassbender deserved the Oscar more than Jared Leto did, I can’t judge, since I haven’t watched either films.
    I felt sorry about Leo too, but I don’t think he should win just ’cause he hasn’t won an Oscar yet. Next time He should hope there’s nobody better than him 😉 ’cause Leo is a good actor, but each time he lost out, he lost out to the Best.
    I haven’t seen Woody Allen’s latest two films mentioned here. My two favourites of his are from the 70’s, i.e. Annie Hall and Manhattan. Both superb.

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