Starring: Julia Stiles, David Cross, Rachel Boston, Kevin M. Brennan, America Ferrera, Errin Hayes, Laura Adkin, Jeff Grace, Blaise Miller

Directed by: Todd Berger

Synopsis: Four couples meet for Sunday brunch only to discover they are stuck in a house together as the world may be about to end.

I heard about this movie from a fellow blogger a month or so back. It sounded like an interesting premise, and I like David Cross from his role as Tobias in Arrested Development, so I thought I would give it a crack. I was pleasantly surprised.

The film revolves around four couples who’s relationships are in varying states. One couple are on the verge of divorcing, one couple can’t seem to set a date to marry, one couple are on their first date etc. Through the course of their monthly (?) couples brunch various revelations come out causing the group to bicker. All the while they casually notice the phone lines are down, the internet connection, the electrics all gone. It is only halfway through their afternoon that they realise something bad is happening. This is because a guy bangs on the door with a hasmat suit on, to tell them that some dirty bombs have been detonated and they might want to think about taking some action.

The action they take fills up the final two thirds of the movie and accompanies much soul searching, more revelations (affairs, break ups), shock and finally coming to terms with death. This is all done with a comedic bent. Not a laugh out loud kind of comedy, but there were enough laughs to keep me watching for sure.

David Cross played a sort of variation of his Tobias character, Julia Stiles wasn’t as annoying as usual, the other cast members whom I’m not familiar with all had their moments too. It was an interesting concept, besides the comedy, to see how you would cope in that situation. Would you turn in on yourselves? (they do). Would you make the most of your last few hours? (some of them do) Would you get closer? (yes and no). Would you get drunk and have sex? (Well, yes apparently)! All of these things and more occur in It’s A Disaster, as well as a rather cruel fate for some perennial latecomers. It all adds up to 90 minutes of a mildly funny, yet entertaining take on the whole world ending thing.

It’s easy to see why this movie isn’t better known, but it’s still worth checking out anyway.

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  1. giorge thomas

    I actually quite like Julia Stiles. She was great in Silver Linings Playbook. And by the way – you can sod off with yer Matthew McC poem. Unfortunately that would take a vast amount of drugs and I’m not in possession of anything powerful enough to get me to his level of bizarreness.

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