king creosote

Track Listing (key track in bold)

1. Little Man
2. Single Cheep
3. Doubles Underneath
4. Near Star, Pole Star
5. Ankle Shackles
6. The Right Form
7. What Exactly Have You Done?
8. On The Night of the Bonfire
9. I Am Cellist
10. February 29th
11. Going Gone

Following on from King Creosote and Jon Hopkins mercury nominated album, Diamond Mine, comes this 2013 album, which itself is a re-recording of King Creosote’s (Kenny Anderson) 2010 album, but with a full band.

Kenny Anderson has, according to most sources, recorded over forty albums already. I’ve only heard two of them, and they are both amazing so that gives me hope if I’m ever likely to get my hands on any of the others. Where Diamond Mine was a soft, atmospheric album due to Jon Hopkins electronic flourishes, That Might Well Be It, Darling is a more straight forward indie album, with rockier numbers in amongst the softer songs. Personally I like my music with a ragged edge, so short, sharp nuggets like Single Cheep with it’s rollicking style and cheep cheep backing vocals was right up my street, as was the closing Going Gone.

It would be unfair to single out any particular songs though, as the whole album is superb, and a great follow up to the amazing Diamond Mine. In fact, if his previous album is all you know of King Creosote, then this adds a new dimension and shows he has most musical bases covered.

4 guitars

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