Starring: George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Don Cheadle, Denis Farina, Ving Rhames, Albert Brooks

Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Synopsis: A career bank robber breaks out of jail and shares a moment of mutual attraction with a US Marshall he has kidnapped.

OK, so, maybe not an undiscovered gem as such. I mean, it’s written by Elmore Leonard, directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. Hardly understated. But still, whenever I mention it to people, they seem never to have seen it. And it carries a relatively average score of 7.1 on IMDb which I find hard to fathom.

Out of Sight is the kind of film that could have been made in the seventies. It has that classic feel to it. A coolness and classiness that put’s it head and shoulders above your run of the mill bank robbery/heist movie. This is largely down to the sizzling chemistry between Clooney and Lopez, as well as the impeccable writing by Elmore Leonard.

George Clooney plays career criminal Jack Foley. On the night he busts out of prison he is caught in the act, by total accident, by US Marshall Karen Cisco (Jennifer Lopez). He kidnaps her and whilst they are both stuck in the boot of the getaway car, there is some subtle flirting going on. Enough for Cisco to wonder who this Foley guy is.

Obviously this wouldn’t be a crime caper with out ‘one last job’. Foley is planning a scam in Detroit, and guess who has been assigned to watch him? You guessed it, Karen Cisco. This sounds like simplistic story telling but it’s a whole lot more than that. There are numerous characters drifting in and out of each others lives, including some bad-asses after Foley and his potential windfall.

The scene at the heart of the movie though, is the hotel meeting between Clooney and Lopez. It is the most famous scene of the movie and is intense. And all it is, is two people sat at a table having a drink, mixed with some hotel room tomfoolery. Any other film and we have seen it all a million times, but this is different. The chemistry is amazing, the snowfall outside of the glass walled hotel is beautiful, the music fits perfectly. It’s worth watching the film just for this scene.

Out of Sight, directed by a lesser talent than Soderbergh, could have just been another standard crime film. But, with it’s non linear story telling, it’s comedic elements and the aforementioned chemistry, it is an absolute treat that I could watch over and over.

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  1. Thanks for your review, Tom! Just added the movie to my TBW list.
    I didn’t have this movie in focus so far. Perhaps my not being too fond of George Clooney kept me from wanting to watch it…

    • No way, you don’t like George?! I love him, I think he’s a great actor and a bit of a legend as well!

      • It is weird, perhaps he is just too smooth? Could be that I saw two boring movies with him. As I wrote, this movie is on my TBW list – and I am looking forward to watching it. Maybe this one finally makes me change my mind. I’ll let you know, Tom. 🙂

      • I hope you like it Karen. I look forward to your assessment!

  2. Funny to think of this as “Undiscovered gem” but you’re right, it wasn’t a box office hit or anything special when it was released. But it has become one of those mentioned on lists of chemistry or something like that. And that is amazing how well Lopez and Clooney create the vibe of the film. Love it!

    • It’s a total classic in my book, and although not ‘unknown’ as such, it does seem to be below most peoples radar for some reason.

  3. Abbi

    I’ve definitely seen this but I really can’t remember it. Time to revisit.

  4. This movie is awesome. One of my favorite Soderbergh movies and the only reason why I still continue to give J’Lo a pass. Good review.

  5. Cool that J’Lo actually starred in something special and did a great job, but I cannot say if I have seen it or not. Clooney has always been a hit or miss with me, so I usually do not seek his films. Maybe this one will change that if I ever get around to it.

  6. Well said Thomas – and agreed, an underrated, quality flick!

  7. giorge thomas

    Almost every man I know (bar my husband who never remembers anything from films) goes on about that scene. For some reason it seems to be a scene that turns men on a lot more than women. I wonder why…

    • Easy. George Clooney! Every woman wants to sleep with him and every man wants to…sleep with him! And then have a whiskey at the bar! Haha

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