THE HEIST (2014)


This is my short film made at home on my iPhone. It cost nothing but a few Smarties to bribe my son. I used the iMovie app for editing, the iMotion app for the stop motion capture, Gun FX app for the gun blasts and Figure to make the music. Enjoy!


About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. theipc

    Very nice! I had to watch without sound but it looked nice!

  2. Very good work Tom.

  3. So you die at the end is that correct? Very funny and entertaining! More please 😀
    You could easily bribe me with Smarties as well btw 😉

  4. giorge thomas

    Love that cutey Lucas and his jumper got a starring role! This is really impressive, really. I needed you for my videos! My nephew will love this. That looped car action sequence you did on Instagram? Archie watched it again and again and again. Just sat there with my phone pressing play. In the end had to tell him it was broken to get my phone back. On second thoughts I might not show him this after all.

    Great job, Tom. Love seeing your creative side.

    • Thanks Giorge, it was fun to make! Glad Archie liked the other video, he sounds like Lucas watching videos over and over again on my phone!

  5. giorge thomas

    Just saw the different coloured socks. Lol

  6. This looks like such a fun project! And I think you have a future Oscar winner there.

  7. Very, very fun, Tom. That lead actor is ADORABLE. 😉

  8. lol this was so adorable, more of this pls, ur kid could be pulling bigger heists in the nearest future 🙂

  9. aww this was very amusing and sweet! never thought of a banana as a gun before, but I think that bit was my favorite, along with the dramatic racing sequence 🙂 and your son is adorable, that goes without saying

    • Ahh, thanks Alina. He will no doubt be a part of my next project! You have to use what you’ve got, so banana guns and car chases will probably feature as well haha

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