Starring: Perry Caravello, Don Barris, Tony Barbieri, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Dane Cook, Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel, William Perry, Lisa Kushell, Adam Carolla

Directed by: Bobcat Goldthwaite

Synopsis: A man caught up in the glamour of being a Hollywood celebrity has no idea that the production he is in is a fake.

I heard of Windy City Heat from a fellow blogger. I’m not sure how well known it is in the US, but over here in the UK we don’t have Jimmy Kimmel or anything, so I imagine this film is known to almost no-one. Which is a shame because it had me laughing hard for the whole duration.

It is essentially a hidden camera movie set up by Kimmel and his friends, as an elaborate prank on a guy called Perry, who is a bit unhinged to say the least. Everyone involved in the making of the fake film is in on it, from the producer on the phone, to the secretary, right down to the PA. Apparently it was under operation over a very long period and is open to debate as to how ‘real’ it is. I mean, there are certain elements to it that any sane person would know aren’t real I think. Whether you choose to believe it or not doesn’t make it any less enjoyable however.

So, Perry’s friends Don and Mole audition him for a film they have been cast in, called Stone Fury. Caravello some how (obviously) gets the lead role. He already has delusions that he is the new Brando or De Niro, despite being quite the opposite, and is so desperate to be a star he will undertake anything the director, Bobcat Goldthwaite asks him to do.

As with all hidden camera pranks, Caravello has to undertake and endure all sorts of mishaps along the way, and battles on gamely when all around him seem to be a bit mad. It is a genuinely funny movie that had me in stitches so many times. My only downer was that they didn’t show Caravello being told about the ruse at the end of the movie. That, and the fact I don’t buy into him not actually knowing something was amiss. Never the less, I laughed way harder than I have done at some more well known ‘comedies’.

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  1. Truly undiscovered, I’ve never even heard of this one..

  2. Thanks for this review, Tom! Another movie for my TBW list. 🙂

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