Track Listing (key track in bold)

1. Cycle
2. Morning
3. Heart is a Drum
4. Say Goodbye
5. Blue Moon
6. Unforgiven
7. Wave
8. Don’t Let it Go
9. Blackbird Chain
10. Phase
11. Turn Away
12. Country Down
13. Waking Light

Beck is a strange artist. When I read about a new album release I get kind of excited, and then I listen to it and it usually does nothing for me. I find his vocals soulless, and his music emotionally un-engaging for the large part. Yet, I own nearly all his albums. What’s that all about? Don’t get me wrong, his highlights (Loser, Where It’s At, Mixed Bizness, Golden Age etc) are fantastic, and I could quite easily be a philistine and take bits off each album and make myself a nice little Beck playlist. But I don’t want to do that, I like an album to be an album.

So, on to Morning Phase. On first listen, I had the same experience. Beck’s cold vocals turned me off. He can sing the loveliest song and suck any emotion out of it I think. But, on second listen I started to warm to it a bit. The first song proper “Morning” is very reminiscent of “Golden Age” from the “Sea Changes” album, and that is a good thing because it’s one of my favourite Beck songs. It’s quickly followed by my personal favourite track from the album “Heart Like a Drum” which had a nice spring in it’s step. Most of the album is a blend of folk and country styles, reminiscent of “Sea Change”. That is many people’s favourite Beck album, so there will be some happy people out there. For those who are crying out for another “Odelay” or “Loser”, or even “Midnite Vultures” then you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

3.5 guitars


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  1. I’m a massive Beck fan and I love Sea Change but I still can’t seem to get into this one. I’ll give it another chance

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