Track Listing (key track in bold)

1. About a Girl
2. Come As You Are
3. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For a Sunbeam
4. The Man Who Sold The World
5. Pennyroyal Tea
6. Dumb
7. Polly
8. On a Plain
9. Something in the Way
10. Plateau
11. Oh Me
12. Lake of Fire
13. All Apologies
14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night

I’ll readily admit now that I’m no fan of grunge, and had no vested interest in Nirvana back in the day. The fact of the matter is, when Nevermind came out I was only 11 and was more interested in playing football than listening to music. By the time I was seduced by music, Kurt Cobain was dead and Britpop had arrived.

I did however purchase the MTV Unplugged album way back when, but never really gave it a second listen. Until now, spurred on by the anniversary of Cobain’s death. I thought, now I’m thirty-three rather than thirteen, the music may impact on me more. I certainly appreciate Cobain and Nirvana as influential icons, if I don’t actually listen to their stuff. I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

The songs, in an acoustic setting are fantastic. The first four or five songs really are special, particularly the Bowie cover and the acoustic reworking of Come as You Are. The album probably appeals to me more because it is stripped down and you can hear the songs as they were when they were written. Cobain is in great voice and seems fairly happy in his between song chatter. It’s a surprise that he was dead not long after this album was released.

I have to say that the album did start to sound a bit samey over the course of the entire thing, but the songs, individually are great so that’s only a small complaint. I’m not sure it’s changed my opinion on grunge, but MTV Unplugged in New York is certainly a fine album, and Cobain is still missed to this day.

4 guitars

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  1. Well reviewed! I could go on at length – so instead I’ll link my review from last year, in the interest of comment section brevity! This one, Nevermind, and In Utero were the Nirvana records on the 1001.

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