wes collection coverAuthor: Matt Zoller Seitz

This book is a pretty impressive thing. It is huge, and very heavy and is perfect for picking up and reading a bit here or there, or looking at some of the great photographs taken from Wes Anderson film shoots, or general artwork. It is the true definition of a ‘coffee-table’ book.


The book is split into chapters, one for each of Anderson’s films up to and including Moonrise Kingdom. Each chapter has a 1000+ word overview written by Zoller Seitz and then a transcript of an interview about each film, between Anderson and the author. Amongst all of the text are hundreds of pictures and artistic drawings (the type you see in his films) that really add to the experience.

wes collection2

The book offers some great insight into the world of Wes Anderson, his approach to film making and some of his key influences. Some of the interviews seem a bit sycophantic or come across like the author trying to find a lot of hidden meaning in things that Anderson doesn’t seem to find. Maybe that’s me just being harsh though.

wes collection3

Some of my favourite photos included in the book, are the typical Wes style ‘doll house’ photos, so you can see the whole of Steve Zissou’s boat, or the Tenenbaums residence at 111 Archer Avenue.

wes collection4

Overall this is a top quality book that deserves a place on the shelf of any Anderson fan, or any film fan in general.

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  1. Looks a very cool book

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this. It looks beautiful.

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