Dewey Cox

Starring: John C. Reilly, Kristen Wiig, Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Raymond J. Barry, Margo Martindale,

Directed by: Jake Kasdan

Synopsis: Singer Dewey Cox overcomes adversity to become a musical legend.

A comedy aimed squarely at all of those earnest music biopics like “Ray” and, in particular “Walk The Line”. I’m pretty sure Walk Hard faired pretty well upon release, but it really is pretty funny and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. In my opinion it’s infinitely better than anything John C. Reilly’s old buddy Will Ferrell has produced lately.

Reilly plays Dewey Cox who is an amalgamation of numerous different rock stars, most notably Johnny Cash. If you have read any like the number of rock biographies like I have you will recognise quite a bit of Dewey’s life. From his impoverished and tragedy filled life on a rural farm, to scaling the heights of rock ‘n’ roll, hippiedom and beyond, the film is merciless in it’s poking fun at rock myths.

Part of the fun is spotting all of the cameo’s, such as Elvis played by Jack White, and The Beatles played by Paul Rudd, Jack Black, Jason Schwartzman and Justin Long. Along with the cameo’s there are also some pretty funny recurring jokes, such as Dewey busting his drummer for taking drugs. Each decade there is the same joke, accept its a different drug (weed, cocaine, heroin). Dewey starts off innocent, but before he knows it he has a major addiction and is being a major pain in the proverbial.

I think this film will appeal to lovers of music, and the history of music and all it’s stories and myths and legends. It is frequently funny, has some fine performances from it’s cast and the musical numbers are actually pretty decent too!

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  1. Abbi

    Sounds hilarious.

  2. I like this dude better than his buddy Will! I forgot most of this film but the cameos sound awesome! This was certainly more entertaining than the serious biopics!

  3. Nice to see John C Reilly in the lead for a change as well! I enjoyed this one – neat seeing him go through all the phases of late 20th Century music (I remember the Brian Wilson phase being a good one). A nice send-up of the serious bio-pics as you said!

    • Yeah, the Brian Wilson bit is funny, all the Johnny Cash stuff too. All the cameos make me laugh as well, Jack Black as one of The Beatles haha

  4. He is better than Will, what a classic style….

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