I really dislike superhero movies. They seem to occupy about 75% of all Hollywood releases nowadays (the other’s being sequels and mostly crappy comedies). If I ever have to read another article about Spiderman 7 or Superman Returns AGAIN, then I may just destroy myself (but not really) in the same way Batman did at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. But, I hear you say, you must like SOME superheroes? Well, I do confess to liking certain movies based on comic books and graphic novels, yeah. And these are they…

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  1. I used to watch them all, but I have grown tired of most. However, I do like your list a lot–especially The Crow, 300, American Splendor, Sin City, — I had no idea Road to Perdition was based on a graphic novel! Interesting.

  2. Superhero movies are definitely annoying me these days. The only way to get me interested is get an interesting director on board (like Zack Snyder) unfortunately, that seems to have become the exception these days.

  3. The Crow had a good soundtrack as well!

  4. You like the same things as me. TMNT (1990) is vastly underrated! I would also add OldBoy as that’s based on a comic

  5. Nice! I usually hate superhero movies, too. Glad I’m not the only one.

    I found “A History of Violence” super disturbing, which I think was the point. I didn’t realize “The Road to Perdition” was based on a comic strip! I’ve been meaning to see that movie for ages. And I agree that “Kick Ass” is actually a pretty solid movie.

    • Yeah it was a really disturbing film wasn’t it, especially when he knocks Ed Harris’ nose in to his head. I was nearly sick at that point! Haha

  6. giorge thomas

    I used to stay away from all comic book movies until I saw Batman returns. Christopher Nolan, in my opinion, is a master.

  7. Very solid list here!

    • Why thank you Zoe. What would be on your list?

      • Well, I am a fan of comic movies as it is, so I have a whole lot on there, but I must say I really liked things like Sin City, Road to Perdition, and History of Violence (the whole list you have there is pretty good)… but then I am also a fan of things like The Punisher, the Captain America movies, I am an addict for the Dark Knight trilogy, but don’t like The Avengers and a lot of the latest Marvel offerings… I guess this is just a genre that is all over the show…

      • I think I’ve just grown really bored of them all, there seems to be a new one every other week. I used to watch them but now I avoid them all!

      • I get what you are saying when you say they are EVERYWHERE. I mean there were really good ones (Iron Man 1 & 2), Dark Knight trilogy, The First Avenger, etc. but then there are equal amounts (if not more) crappy ones, and then bland and boring ones simply squeezing us for our cash and all, which is annoying. For instance, with the Phase 2 Marvel films, ONLY ONE HAS BEEN GOOD. I mean really now?!

        Though I must agree, the ones that you get that are not necessarily viewed as big time comic book blockbusters are fantastic. I really want to get to Chronicle, interesting looking AND Dane DeHaan. SOLD.

      • Yeah Chronicle I thought was fantastic because, despite obviously being preposterous, it was still rooted in realism because of the handheld/found footage type thing. And Dane DeHaan is a real talent. I keep bugging him for a Q&A on twitter but he’s not playing ball (ie ignoring me entirely)!!

      • I will definitely bump it up on my watch list (which is taking a back seat at the moment for studies). Man, that would be one HELL of an interview!!!

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