I was brushing my teeth last night when I happened upon an idea. I thought, now that I have the odd faithful reader or ten, maybe I should try a challenge. As well as watching movies, I like to try my hand at writing them as well. I think we should all come together and come up with an idea for a movie, and I will attempt to write a screenplay based on our communal idea. You never know, it may end up on the big screen!

What I plan to do, starting today, is to post a series of polls and questions to gauge what kind of film we want to make. For instance, today’s poll will help us decide what genre we would like to make our film within. In addition to this, if you would all like to use the comments section below to pitch some ideas you would like included that would be great. It could be a character, a line of dialogue you think would be amazing in a film, a joke, a storyline, a weapon, a scene or anything you can think of and we will try and cram it into the final script.

It doesn’t matter what the outcome, it will just have to be a mad script. So, if the winning genre happens to be a War movie, set in space and featuring Zombies then so be it. In fact, that sounds pretty good already!

So, please, feel free to let your imaginations run wild and let’s make a great movie!


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  1. I’m interested! I think you can guess what I voted for haha.

  2. theipc

    I voted!

    I tried writing a script once. I got about halfway through and got so burned out on the format that I quit and never got back to it. Maybe this will inspire me to work on it some more.


  4. Sounds fun. I’ve writing two scripts and a pilot…I think comedy will work best with a lot of hats in the ring, but that’s just me. Good luck!

  5. Very cool idea! I love it & support it 🙂

  6. Abbi

    Awesome idea. I have made my vote.

  7. Nothing like a solid drama–let’s go!

  8. Just voted, Tom. Hard choice. 😀
    As I didn’t want you to suffer, I refrained from choosing horror.

    • I reckon I could actually write a horror movie, I just wouldn’t be able to watch the end product!

      • A writer’s imagination is often scarier that what is shown in the end product. You could therefore watch your creation without getting nauseous. It is rather the others’ horror creativity that may be unbearable. There are so many kinds of horror, some are awesome – others are not my cup of tea.

      • Yeah true. I don’t mind horror if it has a slight black comedy element to it. The stuff I’m not a fan of is the sadistic stuff and anything that has the ‘quiet, quiet, quiet, BANG’ kind of thing!

      • Some stuff is just sick. The horror genre has many facets, some of them are brilliant, the others are too sick to waste time on them.

      • I could do horror too. I just prefer darker gothic tales over slasher type stories. Of course, if it’s a horror comedy, any thing could go. 😀

  9. Love this idea! Although I looked and Erotic Animation isn’t an option. What the fuck?!

  10. Brilliant idea! I’ve voted and I’ll get my thinking cap on! 🙂

  11. what a cool idea!!! It looks like you’ll be writing a Comedy-Horror set in High School with some Sci-Fi elements thrown in. hahaha

  12. giorge thomas

    Tom, I didn’t comment on this original post, but I’m doing it now. You’re CRAZY. you have two children and this site. Do you plan on SLEEPING? If you do this you will BURN out! Besides, you will have no time to cowrite something win me!

    • Ha, I didn’t say when I would actually get around to it! Certainly not for a while. Like you say, two kids, the site, my 9-5 job (which involves some studying at the moment) as well watching films AND the World Cup coming up next month (the most important bit!!) Maybe it will happen this year at some point though!!

      As for co-writing something, of course! Why not. What did you have in mind! I’m no poet!!!

      • giorge thomas

        Am not just a poet, you know. I write fiction. A novella is currently in the works, soon to be completed (yet as I learnt from my poetry collection, the editing process will take just as long to do as the writing.)

        Don’t get me started on the World Cup. At present a spreadsheet is being made to ensure we are up for the required games. Being a multi-cultural household we have three teams to follow: England, Australia and Italy. Could get a bit tricky around here…

      • Yeah, especially the England v Italy game! I can’t wait for the World Cup, I get insanely excited about it. Last time it was on I didn’t even have any children, lived in a different house and had a different job. A lot can happen in four years!

        Oh, I didn’t realise you wrote other stuff as well. Nice one. What kind of book are you writing?

      • giorge thomas

        I guess it would be women’s fiction. No sappy bullshit. Basically an insecure chick who gets to take a hiatus from her stagnant life and keeps a notebook on the time.

      • Sounds interesting. When do you plan to finish it?

      • giorge thomas

        A month? I don’t know, it’s hard to tell. I’ve planned the ending but knowing me I could go off on some tangent and change it. We’ll see how it goes. All I know is that I want to have it done and dusted (editing too) before our annual UK trip.

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