OK, so now we have our genre. It looks as though all of you have decided you want to see a comedy ( hope you have some funny lines of dialogue in your heads, because otherwise we are in trouble). Next we need to decide on a setting for our film. Have a look at the poll below and vote for your favourite, or add one to the comments if it isn’t included.

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  1. V

    Space. Always space!

  2. High school’s out to an early lead!

  3. giorge thomas

    But like a really poor rural/town/village. Would be like growing up…

    • You are losing out to high-school at the moment Giorge. A week to go until the voting closes though.

      • giorge thomas

        No! There was nothing funny about high school. Who wants to relive that?

      • I don’t know, there are some pretty decent high school movies about!

      • giorge thomas

        High school movies, yes, high school, no. Maybe that’s why there are so many movies about that time. It was terrible for everyone and therefore many want to recreate it.

        On another note, I linked to your Devils Knot review. Hope you don’t mind.

      • Oh, I know, I saw that. Sorry, I forgot to say, thank you! I’ll be over to read the article today!

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