No, not THAT Tom Ford. I’ve not had a song written about me by Jay-Z, not made a film with Colin Firth (yet) and, although I consider myself well dressed on occasion, I have yet to design any clothes or fragrances. I am simply, another Tom Ford.

I am a thirtysomething family man who likes movies and music. I like to watch movies and I like to write movies. I like to listen to music whilst doing the writing, but find when I’m doing the watching it becomes a bit of a headache.

I promise to post blogs about anything that takes my fancy, from posts about screenwriting to posts about soundtracks. Movies I like to movies I don’t. Maybe a post about music I’m currently digging, to what I had for dinner last night (don’t worry, I won’t really).

Either way, I hope you will enjoy the content and keep coming back for more.


  1. Great blog you’ve got here.

  2. Thanks for the follow Tom, good to hear from you:) I see you’re a musical man, I was looking into mixxx.org to do some mixes put them on soundloud or mixcloud, but haven’t gotten round to it yet – have you done anything like that? Cheers, Don Charisma dotorg & Don Charisma dotcom

    • Hi Don, thanks for the follow! I haven’t heard of mixxx.org but will definitely look at it tonight and see what its all about. I do like creating playlists. MY first ever post about 3 weeks ago was about Autumn/Winter playlists. Let me know if you have any cool suggestions for good mood music for those seasons!

      • Hey Tom, there are several FREE mp3 mix apps for PC available on search of google for something like “mp3 mix software”, mixxx.org looked good with itunes integration. I don’t know how to create seasonal playlist, I have all of my favourite 2000 songs on iphone, two playlists, uplifting and soothing ! My idea was to make 60 min playlists, and then mix them with the software, put onto mixcloud or soundcloud so my followers could share. Songs I really like, DB Boulevard – Point of view, Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonite, Empire State of mind, Old Cape Code – Patti Page, Try a Little Tenderness – Otis Reding, Breathe – Prodigy, D.E.V.I.L – 666, Almost anything by Fatboy Slim, Kids – Kylie and Robbie, No Way – Freakpower, Good Feeling – Flo Rida (minus flo rida lyrics would be nice), little green bag – George Baker Selection and of course Let Me Show you – Carimsa … only scratches the surface, but maybe some ideas ?



      • Nice Don! Unfortunately my current song count on my iPod is about 25,000 songs, which makes it mighty hard to come up with a playlist let me tell you!! 2000 is a bit more manageable! When it comes to MP3 I am kind of like the old widow who sits in her house hoarding junk until she can’t move any more!

        Great shout with Little Green Bag there. I heard that song on the radio the other day. Always sounds effortlessly cool. I was going to blog some when about Movies and Soundtracks etc and that song obviously fits the bill brilliantly, what with its use in Reservoir Dogs.

        In terms of artists I like, I’m with you on Otis Redding there but you can keep Kylie and Robbie haha! Personally, I like a lot of 60’s music (Beatles, Stones, Small Faces, Kinks), classic 70’s stuff (Led Zep, Bowie, Faces) and mainly indie kind of stuff like The Shins.

        Maybe I will investigate some of the websites you mentioned and share them with you or on my blog.



  3. Hey Tom, I did my itunes match last year, took nearly 6 months to get all the problems sorted out, itunes match on PC, well let’s just say less painful to pull my own fingernails out with pliers. In the process I just made two long playlist, so I’m either Going or Stopping.

    My music mainly mainstream pop, bit of uplifting house, 90s dance, but virtually all genres in there … most of the up-to-date dance is shite to be honest, flo-rida and pitbull liked their songs, just wish they’d stop rapping about themselves on it, why spoil a good tune with shite rappers … quite a complex mix really, like what I like … gave you a random selection off my playlist hoped you’d find something you like in there.

    Mixcloud have reinstated my account (I deleted it when I got frustrated with them), so when i get time makes some mixes. If soundcloud don’t like then I use mixcloud or vise versa, there’s a lot of copyright BS going on at the moment down to the states being skint I think…Also looks like there’s shit hot free DJ software with automatic mixing like I said (I did a stint in the past as a pub DJ for a few months, loved it, but the pay and hours sucked big time)

    Keep in touch

    Don Charisma dotorg & Don Charisma dotcom

  4. rtimmorris

    I like the feel of your blog. Looking forward to checking in on you here and on Twitter. Hopefully you’ll do the same for me!
    I’m a writer, working to get my big break and I’ve also dabbled in screenwriting, having previously worked in the animation/film industry for 10 years. I’m hoping to get some excerpts from my screenplays up on my blog soon.
    Keep in touch

    • Thanks Tim, and absolutely, I always follow anyone back who is kind enough to take an interest in my blog. I’d love to hear about your film industry stories. Have you blogged about them?

      • rtimmorris

        I’m still in the process of setting up my blog and filling it with some content – mostly novel excerpts and book reviews for now. But I’ll touch on a bit of everything in the near future.
        What have you written? What genre? There’s no info on your screenwriting on your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

      • Yeah my blog has only been going for a month so is a bit light on content as well. It’s more about movies and music, with feature articles and reviews with the odd article about writing etc every so often. It’s early days though so it could morph into anything eventually I guess!

  5. jennypugh

    Congratulations, I have nominated your blog for The Sunshine Award! Music makes me smile and so does your blog πŸ™‚

    • thomasjford

      Wow, thank you so much Jenny, you have really made my day/week/month!!!! I was getting a bit despondent about my blog recently so this is the recognition and pick me up I need! I’ll have a look at what I have to do tomorrow and get a post done about it!

      • jennypugh

        No problem! It’ll let all of those unfortunate people who don’t yet know about your blog, erm, all about your blog! I hope you have a fab weekend πŸ™‚

      • thomasjford

        Haha, thank you Jenny. You have a lovely weekend too 😊

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  7. Nice! Must be the most unique looking blog I’ve come across. Your customers must be really happy with service. Ha!!

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  15. Interesting and fun way you’ve set up your blog! I like the menu!

  16. fun blog! i’ve been enjoying it.

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  18. Great format Tom – I particularly like how the archives are reduced to clear! Neat menu theme too, looking forward to a well balanced diet of music/movie reviews!

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  20. Matthew Ryan

    Great blog. There is simply nothing in the world better than listening to some beautiful music while writing a movie review. That’s the life.

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  22. Hey mate we were talking about this the other day – check out the director of Kings of Summer.

  23. Hi Tom, thanks for finding and following my blog. Merry Christmas! SD

  24. Hi Tom! Really cool About Page you have here. Short, simple, and to the point! I wanted to ask how having an A-Z review list has helped you. I usually do film reviews every now and then, but looking at your blog now, it seems like a really great idea as far as organization goes. Need tips! Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for taking the time to look at my site and commenting! I was, at one stage, doing a film review every day, so I just thought, instead of a viewer having to scroll through endless pages to find the review they want (and maybe even finding out its not on there!) it would be easier to list them on a seperate page.

      I guess if you don’t have that many on there it’s not particularly vital, but it’s actually easier for me as well to be honest – it reminds me whats on the site as well! haha

  25. Hey there! Lovely to meet you, thanks for the follow πŸ™‚

    Looks like we have a few things in common. Movies, music and soundtracks!

    (and I’m not Tom Ford either)


    • I saw a Soundtracks header on your site Emma, but there was no content, I presume it will be a forthcoming attraction?!!

      My main aim was to do a bit of everything, but after trying to churn out a movie review a day, most of the other stuff fell by the wayside!!

      I like your site though, you have a nice, jovial, welcoming style of writing. πŸ™‚

      • Yes! I only created that category a couple of days ago. But I have an awesome (if I do say so myself) CD soundtrack collection. I thought I could review one each week, a little about the CD itself and how I came to get it etc. Some of them are rather hard to get now, I’m quite proud of my collection!

        Awww thank you so much!! That is honestly a lovely thing to say that has overwhelmed me. Jovial and welcoming is brilliant!!!! I will check out some of your posts after lunch πŸ™‚

      • You are most welcome.

        Feel free to snoop around my site, to be honest though I’m so busy with work now that I barely have a chance to spend much more than a quick 10 minute ‘write what comes into my head’ kind of review!!

        Keep up the good work Emma πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! I’m going to have a good snoop now πŸ™‚

        I know what you mean, sometimes I go through phases where I write more / less. Just depends how much you can fit in!

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