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This blog doesn’t have to be a one man show. I’d love to build it in to a community with a little help from you fellow movie and music fans out there. Maybe you have an album you want to review? Seen a movie recently that has you all excited? What about a TV show you love (or hate)?

Here are the finer details if you want to contribute to the Cafe.


I try and get through as many movies as I can but I can only see so many. There are certain genres that I don’t really watch, so if you would like to review anything, specifically horror, then let me know. If you do wish to contribute, please review a film honestly. Don’t try and sell your best friends movie or try and tell everyone your brother’s lame duck is the next Oscar winner. Anything which whiff’s of ‘advert rather than review’ won’t be accepted. Sorry!


I want to start adding a TV influence into proceedings here. I like watching a lot of TV shows but haven’t ever got around to reviewing anything. If you would like to do just that, again, let me know.


Music, despite playing a part in this blog, takes a back seat to movies. I want to improve on that, so please let send me your reviews of any albums you may like. Like wise, if there is a band you love and feel deserve more recognition than they get, send me the details and I will try and include them in my ‘Spreading The Gospel’ section. The only rule is they should have at least three albums to include.

Similarly, if you want to send me any of your own movies, music or what not then I will happily review it for you.




  1. Hi Tom, I am going to try and recreate my Sunday Morning Show in the form of a blog this week and I want to feature a movie blog each week. Is it okay to link to one of your reviews each week and see how it all goes? I thought this week I would link to your blog on the Oscars – which I have just watched – will also do a bit of a bio based on your ‘about’. Thanks Sally

  2. I’d love to contribute with a serving of a film review if that’s on the menu? How do I go about getting it to you to feature on your blog?

  3. Madhura

    This blog is wonderful! I would love to contribute for a movie review as and when I get time… if that’s okay? 🙂

  4. I just started my own blog writing movie reviews and would love collaborating. I’ve only written one review so far but my blog is

  5. Hi Tom, I’m a film and music blogger,, I would love to contribute to the cafe! As a film and music freak, I have a tendency to write mostly about Indie, macabre, and strange entertainment. You are more then welcomed to check it out, especially my last post,

    Reut (a.k.a Sweet Archive)

    • Hi Reut, thanks for reading. By all means send me something over to post, I can’t say I have had much time to blog recently so you’d be helping me out! I tend towards reviewing indie stuff and mainstream movies that I’ve seen, as well as music etc (check out my reviews for guidance). Email me something over if you want and I will try my best to post it in a timely fashion!!



      • Here’s a post you might like. It’s about the animation “Idiots & Angels”
        Let me know if it’s something you can post.

      • I’ll take a look some when. Before I do though, I will say that if it reads like an advert for the film or that you are clearly promoting it I won’t use it! The last person who sent me a review made the film sound like the best comedy ever made, when I checked imdb it had a rating of 2 or something! Haha. Thanks for sending something over though Reut.

      • Sure, I understand. It sounds nothing like an advert. It’s mainly my personal experience watching it. I also recommend soundtracks. I try to link films to music if I can, as I do love them both 🙂

      • Ok cool, I’ll take a look when I get a chance! Thank you Reut

  6. soniciris

    Hey man! I’d like to a guest review for you sometime. 🙂 My blog focuses on film, tv, and music too!

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