Welcome Diners


Two more satisfied diners in the Movies and Music Cafe!

You have now entered the Movies & Music Cafe, home of all your movies and music nourishment.

Check out the About page for details on our award winning Chef, Tom Ford!

In the Cafe you will be able to click on the menu at the top and choose any one of our fabulous dishes.

Starters, Mains and Desserts are all well stocked and come highly recommended. And it’s not just movies and music that we serve in this Cafe. You will also get articles about books and writing in general. You can read blogs posted by others, and don’t forget to peruse our Shout Outs section for recommended blogs by this chef.

In addition, please feel free to send us any of your own music or films (both feature or short) that you would like reviewing. This isn’t all about Hollywood y’know! You can contact us at moviesmusiccafe@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoy your visit, like the menu and come back and visit again very soon.

Have a nice day now!


  1. Hi Tom, your gravatar link doesn’t work right, when you visited my blog I couldn’t get back to your blog without google searching dor you. You need to check your links 😉

    • thomasjford

      Thanks Charlotte, I will do that right away! 😊

      • Garry Armstrong

        Interesting Oscar picks. My Wife, Marilyn and I are regarded (in some circles) as movie mavens. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any of the nominated films. We’ve heard the buzz and will see how your picks fare. I’ve had a life long love affair with movies. Thanks for your insight.

      • Thanks for taking an interest Garry. What are your favourite films of past and recent times?

  2. Sue

    Thanks for the follow – just added you too. Interestingly enough, I seldom cook anymore, but I LOVE food! Can’t wait to see what you have cooking (pun actually not intended at first, realized it when I started typing it, thought it was stupid, then shrugged my shoulders and left it anyway. 🙂 )

    • Haha brilliant, thanks Sue!

    • Sue

      HA! Funnier yet – I just realized your blog is actually not about cooking…truly I am a dork. And in my defense, do not have a full cup of coffee in me yet…ANYWAY – still can’t wait to see what you have cooking…lol.

      • Whoops, the clue was in the title Sue! Maybe it’s too ambiguous and that’s why I’m not getting enough followers haha!

        Hope you enjoy your visit anyway 🙂

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  4. Welcome! Looking good. I’ll look forward to seeing how your menu grows!

  5. Russell Deasley stated you are a great person to bounce my new book on. I am writing a novel of Russians coming to the U.S. in the manner of the Godfather. Russell suggested you might be kind enough and read the first Chapter and give me your thoughts. If this is okay with you I will send it to you. If not I understand you are to busy. Let me know either way. Sincerely Barry Wax

    • Hi Barry

      I have no idea who Russell Deasley is I’m afraid. Feel free to send me your first chapter though and I’ll tell you what i think. What’s your email address?



  6. With all due respect to your blog, I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off the “RED CHEEKS” of your child.. could you please give him big kisses from my side?>>>

    • Haha, he is indeed red of cheek at times. And I will indeed kiss him on your behalf, as I need no excuse! Thank you 😊

      • May I know his name and Good Lord who will have time for FIFA or any of those games when u’ve got kid like that..

      • Hahaha his name is Lucas Harper Fors and he is two and a half, and made about Cars.

        Don’t get me started otherwise I will talk about him all day!

      • aww.. I am a sucker for red cheeked kids.. I can hear all day and mighty good name too.. and isn’t it your dream come true that your tiny toddler is a car freak… You’ve got more pictures of him? Don’t tell me its on Instagram.. i am not signed up there 😦 I do enough of Facebook to take up my time so i voted against Instagram 😀

      • I am indeed one of those people with hundreds of Instagram pics of their child!

      • another inspiration why I must join Instagram 😀

      • You should, it’s as addictive as Fifa!

      • hahaha and I Don’t play FIFA 😛 😛 But I am toying with the idea of instagram.. I have a 80 hour/week working schedule so i need good de-stressing options 😀

      • Geez that’s a lot of work! What do you do? And how do you find time to blog!

      • I am an online freelance writer.. sadly, i love my work so much.. I end up working all sundays.. so even when i am writing, i always have my blog window open and most of the times Facebook too 😛
        when time gets less, work more, all other tabs close one by one and i hit the panic button and end up working late in night 😛

      • Id love to earn money writing on line. Any tips?!

      • yes lots.. sign up here

        And there are a lot of jobs..

        If you want any other help, I am always available via gmail.. the address is in my about page and I will be happy to help a guy who got a red cheeked son 😀

      • Haha, thank you! I will take a look and probably be in touch!

      • most definitely, I will keep an eye out 🙂 🙂

  7. Loving this café theme and loving your blog! 🙂

  8. My Blogroll page is finally up!! and you made the list: http://literaryvittles.wordpress.com/blogroll/

  9. Hi thomas your blog looks fascinating. I look forward to reading through thorougly, it seems that you have an interesting creative flair. 🙂

    • Hi Annie, funnily enough I was actually thinking of making some changes as well. I just need the time to do it though! Thanks for stopping by the ‘Cafe’ though 😊

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