It’s that time again, to say thanks to new and old followers a like. This week there is a special mention to two people, either of which may or may not have been my barrier breaking 100th follower! There are also mentions for some newcomers to the Cafe as well, so please check out the blogs listed below and have yourselves a good weekend!

Movie Blog of the week: – by Amon. I really like this site.

100th Follower(s):

Ok, so it is between either of these two, but they both followed around the same time so I’m not totally sure. Which is good, because it means you both get a mention! by RockLust by Giorge Thomas

For cool Wild West art:

I love the Wild West. So I’m pleased to give a shout out to: by Gale. Go visit his site and like his art!

And lastly, two more sites who have visited my blog a few times, and always post interesting stuff: – by Conrad. Who couldn’t love a blog with a name like that!

and – he’s mates with Wilko Johnson so he’s automatically getting a shout out!

That’s it for now, hope to have more names next week! Please check out previous shout outs below for other amazing sites!


About thomasjford

I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. lovefromtara

    congratulations! and I love the wine wankers 🙂

    • Yeah, fellow Aussies eh! You’re all potty mouthed haha!

      • lovefromtara

        yep! hahaha hey, come on now, i’m not potty mouthed on my blog…in real life however…

      • Do you want to know a story? I spent 6 months in Oz about 10 or 11 years back. My first morning in Brisbane I had breakfast in a cafe. I sat outside with my friends and we were next to a set of traffic lights. An old lady stopped and didn’t notice the lights had gone green. After a few seconds a guy with a wife beater on, sat in a run down Yut (?) beeped and shouted VERY loudly “COME ON YOU C***”!!!!!!!!!!!!

        All he need was a can of XXXX in his hand and the stereotype was complete hahaha. Magic days though!

      • lovefromtara

        yeah people are like that, well the jerks are anyway. way worse here in Adelaide. doesn’t surprise me in the slightest!

      • That was actually my introduction to Oz, and it was in that moment that I thought. I could live here! This is great! Haha

      • lovefromtara

        hahaha most of us tell it how it is really, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else for that reason lol

      • Yeah, Oz rules!

        I’ll make it back there one day, leave old rainy Britain behind haha!

      • lovefromtara

        haha don’t blame you!

      • That was actually my introduction to Oz, and it was in that moment that I thought. I could live here! This is great! Haha

  2. Wow. Thank you for the nice shout out. It’s appreciated.

  3. giorge thomas

    Thank you!



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