Shoppers walk past a closing down sign in a shop window in Cardiff, Wales

As Frank once sang “We’ve reached, the final curtain…”.

Yes, it’s time for the Movies and Music Cafe to close down, once and for all.

Due to the birth of a second child and change in jobs I really don’t have the time and, if I’m honest, the desire to keep churning out reviews every day or week, despite still trying to watch a movie most nights if I can.

It’s been great whilst it’s lasted, and it’s been a pleasure chatting to like minded movie folk, and just folk in general. The tedium of writing a review that probably only a handful of people will see, and probably less will actually read, has finally made me come to the conclusion that I have more fulfilling things to do with my time now. Just a logical progression, and one that I may reverse one day in the future.

matt crying

I have other ideas for sites that one day, if I ever get a chance, may get investigated and acted upon. The trouble is, there are a gazillion movie review blogs in the world, and most of them (including all of you guys) are better and more dedicated than mine. Ultimately, what’s the point?! There is only so much swimming against the tide you can do before you get tired and, in the end, drown!

bob crying

In fact, the only reason I carried on until now was because every time I saw a friend of mine, Mr Tom O’Grady, he said how much he loved the site and continued to read it. So, really, I didn’t want to let him down! So, thank you Tom, but now you are going to have to find your own movies to watch!!

leo cry

Good luck with your blogs everybody, I’ve enjoyed reading them over the last year or so, and I will make sure I pop in every so often to see what you are all up to.

If you ever want to visit the cafe for archival purposes, or a general reminisce (heh, I’m offering you the keys, it’s up to you if you are sad enough to take them!!) then you will find the address at as of March I believe.

Kind regards

The Movies and Music Cafe

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I like Movies and Music and most things popular culture.


  1. giorge thomas

    Tom, this is so sad! I have enjoyed so much reading your blogs and if you take anything from this, know that you helped turn a chick who once hated Matthew Mcwhatshisface to like him!

    I get where you’re coming from. It’s a lot of work, and at times you feel like you’re blindly moving through for no purpose. Sometimes i feel like blogging gets in the way of my actual writing. I’m a fiction writer and a poet, but those things aren’t popular in a blog, so I feel I have to do more article pieces. It takes up so much time I don’t have the time to actually write! Hopefully you can go back to enjoying watching movies instead of worrying about what you need to write about.

    If you still get the urge to review, you can always do so on my site. Just email it through.

    It’s been great getting to know you through this blog, and mine. I hope we don’t lose touch!

    • Thanks Giorge, it’s been a pleasure. And if you can take one thing away from all this its that I might have some idea about poetry now. Not really, but, sort of!

      As I said, I will definitely try and drop in on various blogs to say hi from time to time to see what everyone is up to!

      Take it easy, and forget about audiences and blog about what YOU want and what fulfils YOU!

  2. *google image of Dawson crying from Dawson’s Creek*

    Thomas I’ve enjoyed visiting the cafe – keep me posted if you return in another form to the blogging world some day.
    Have fun with the family!

    • Thanks Stephen! I’ll come back bigger and better than ever one day I’m sure!

      Keep up the music reviews and I look forward to seeing what else is on the 1001 list!

  3. aww man this is so heartbreaking, ive always enjoyed your reviews and posts in general. its good to see you move on, but i want u to know that u indirectly inspired me to pursue my blog more consistently, i wish u a safe transition into whatever other endeavour u set out to

    • Thank you! Lovely to hear I’ve inspired someone haha!

      In Arnie’s words….well, you know what he said!

      Take it easy and keep blogging!

  4. theipc

    This is a sad post…. good luck in your adventures out there!!

  5. NNNooooooo!!!! Don’t leave us like this Tom!

    Thanks for all the great reviews, make sure we’re the first to know if you make a comeback

    • Sorry Mikey, there comes a time in every mans life where he has to leave the past behind him, bundle some possessions into a convertible and head off into the sunset. Just remember me that way, yeah?!

      May your blogging adventure continue in good health my man!

  6. I’m sorry to read this, but I do understand that life calls with more fulfilling activities. Enjoy!

  7. Congratulations on all the life-changing events, which are always more important than a blog (no matter how good that blog is). Hopefully you’ll keep the site active and post occasionally, but if it really just becomes an archive site you should be proud of the work you’ve done. Best of luck in all future endeavors.

    • Thanks Rich, I hope one day I will return!

      Keep up the great series of reviews, maybe a Small Faces/Faces epic if you haven’t already done so?

  8. Abbi

    I’ll miss your blog. All the best for the future!

  9. Tom, sorry to hear this. Really liked your site but totally understand where you’re coming from with the job and family considerations. Hope you find a way to fit your blogging into the grand scheme of things in the future.

  10. Oh no! I’ll miss your write-ups Tom. You were one of the very first people to follow my blog and I’ll never forget it. Thank you 🙂

  11. You will be missed my friend. Good luck with everything in your future, I’m grateful for your support of my blog and won’t forget it.

  12. Good luck buddy, it’s been great reading your reviews over time 🙂
    Eddie and Jordan

  13. V

    Ah, sorry to here this, Tom. Hopefully may see you again some time in the future. All the best. V.

  14. Tom

    Hey Tom, my utter apologies I’ve been so lax on visiting your site. And it’s sad to see you go, but your reasons are 100% valid and I have gotten close myself to shutting down my page. For reasons unexplainable (maybe it’s better that way as there’s probably something wrong with me. . . .) I have managed to keep plugging away but i know the time will come some day where I can’t do it anymore. Cheers to your decision here man, and it’s been a pleasure. I’ll be linking your site to my DSB Blogroll here in a bit but do not feel any obligation to respond or anything. Hopefully I’ll be able to kick a few readers your way if you so choose to keep the site online. 🙂

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